Vin Diesel Pays Tribute to Paul Walker Via Moving Facebook Video

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Got a little over 18 minutes handy? And a box of tissues?

Then you need to watch the following video.

Vin Diesel posted a lengthy, emotional tribute to Paul Walker on Facebook yesterday, giving fan a "glimpse of Dom and Brian off screen," as the actor said in the post.

"You have always been so supportive, especially in these past two months," Diesel wrote as an introduction to followers. "So, I wanted to share something personal that I worked on through the New Year, in honor of my brother Pablo… Paul."

The footage features Walker and Diesel spending time together in a number of ways, from promoting the Fast and the Furious franchise to simply hanging out.

The words "Miss You" scroll across at the end.

The Paul Walker autopsy came out a few days ago and revealed grisly details about the actor's death.

Fast & Furious 7, meanwhile, is scheduled to be released in April 2015 and will NOT kill off Walker's Brian O'Conner. The character will instead of "retired" in some kind of way.


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