Kim Kardashian Shows Off Figure, Ridiculously Expensive Cars

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Kim Kardashian has posted a reply to the haters on Instagram: Look how rich I am!

That's basically what the reality star is saying in the following image, which she posted online this weekend and which features her standing in her driveway, looking all fancy and surrounded by crazily expensive cars, including her fiance's Lamborghini.

Yes, the same Lamborghini also owned by daughter North West.

Kim Kardashian, Lamborghini

Kardashian unveiled another selfie earlier in the month, one that features her popping her butt alongside friend Blac Chyna.

It has come under criticism for being Photoshopped or digitally altered in some way, a charge Kim vehemently denies.

And she pretty much has the final laugh here, subtlly telling critics that they can they can think whatever they want... she'll keep cashing the checks.

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Where is her child? I bet she didn't even hire a babysitter, and even if she did try to get one, they all called her a self-centered, typical bitch. I wonder if North has two middle names, South East.
She even said on Twitter that she was like everyone else and everyone else if they could just try a little bit harder! Well, that's pretty much basically what she said. Sorry, Kim, but not everyone has money coming out of their fat ass.
I don't know what she thinks if 'everyone else' but let me tell her what pretty much is everyone else for a minute:
The cars stop when you didn't even make them stop. You have to pay the IRS because these ass hole bankers need their bailouts. You deal with Obama's bull shit lies on how he will fix the whole world.
'Being everyone else' is way harder than getting a husband that's at the same douchebag amount level as yourself and photoshopping your pictures. Kim is spoilt, untalented, and self-absorbed. Maybe if she didn't act like this most teenage girls wouldn't act like such.




her personality gets cheaper & cheaper since she hooked up with kanye.


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She's looking really bad from far too.


She is the most disgusting, egotistical, self-centered hobbit on the planet! Where is her kid? Was it just an accessory for this skanky tramp?