Tips For Jesus: Mystery Instagram User Leaves Huge Tips Across the U.S.

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File this under random acts of kindness ... to restaurant servers.

A person has been leaving very generous tips at restaurants across the country and documenting them all on an Instagram account called TipsForJesus.

Jesus has not been skimping on portions or tips. That's obvious.

So far, the "sightings" have occurred everywhere from Ann Arbor to Chicago to L.A., and the amounts left on tables range from $500 to $10,000.

To date, @tipsforjesus has doled out more than $54,000 in total!

Big Tip #1

As far as his/her/their identity is concerned, @tipsforjesus seems to be a college football fan, as some of the gratuities have lined up with big games.

He/she/they also favor high-end restaurants apparently. The Fig and Olive in West Hollywood? Not exactly your mom-and-pop greasy spoon establishment.

Seriously, TFJ. Spread the love to those who need it more?

In any case, it's still cool, and the tips appear to be legit. Pictures of credit card statements occasionally have dotted the account of the generous gratuities.

That would indicate that the posted amounts have cleared.

Big Tip #2
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they 'MADE' this bill themselves as a sort of advertisement.