Sharkeisha Video: Sucker Punch Shocks Nation, Gets Yanked From Instagram [UPDATED]

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Sharkeisha. One name says it all after you've seen the viral video that has spread so quickly and caused so much controversy in the last 48 hours.

That is the name of the woman whose BRUTAL close-fisted, sneak attack sucker punch of an unsuspecting victim first surfaced on Instagram.

The beating has since been taken down from the social media site, but Sharkeisha's shark-like attack lives on, as all things do in the Internet Age.

You can watch it here, but be forewarned: It is extremely violent ...

Tuesday night, the video of Sharkeisha's personal knockout game amassed 20,000 "favorites" in a matter of minutes, which is when it was taken down.

The original video was only a few seconds long and depicted Sharkeisha walloping the victim, whose name appears to be Shay, but that's about it.

The extended version (shown above) shows the infamous punch, Sharkeisha wailing on her some more, and bystanders finally intervening to pull her off Shay.

Sharkeisha continues to verbally attack the girl while she is held back.

It's not yet known what the girl did to deserve the vicious pummeling.

Sharkeisha Mug Shot

Thursday, it was rumored that Sharkeisha was arrested for the cowardly assault and her alleged mug shot (above) began to circulate on Twitter.

This booking photo, tweeted by @desusnice, purports to be Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson, who may or may not be the puncher in the infamous video.

Either way, this sucker punching is getting out of control. All violence is bad, obviously, but if you feel you have to duke it out, at least engage head-on.

Even Jenelle Evans follows that cardinal rule ...

UPDATE: Sharkeisha's beating victim, Sharmichael Manuel, 17, told KHOU-TV she was astounded when her former friend mauled her in such fashion.

The Houston teenager says the assailant and a group of girls set her up for the fight video, luring her to an apartment complex under false pretenses.

Manuel thought she was picking up some of her belongings. She was wrong.

“I was just in shock. I was like oh my God. Did she really do this? You’re supposed to be my close friend,” Manuel said. “We were talking in school earlier that day."

"She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her.”

The fight broke out over a boy, Manuel reveals, and after Sharkeisha finished the staggering assault, a neighbor drove the battered teen home.

Manuel was left with black eye and busted lip. She hasn’t returned to school since the assault, in part because she has trouble seeing out of her eye.

“It is hurting and crushing to me,” Manuel said, noting that the physical pain is just the start. “I felt humiliated, embarrassed and hurt at the same time.”

Watch her talk about the ordeal below ...

UPDATE: According to reports, the mug shot above of Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson is of a 22-year-old North Carolina woman, not the teen in question.

Sharkeisha (or Sharkeysha, according to some Texas news sources) is a minor, and currently a student at Houston’s Cypress Creek high school.

Various Twitter and Facebook accounts have surfaced claiming to be the teen but none have been confirmed. She seems to be keeping a low profile.

Meanwhile, an impostor posed as the victim of the video on Twitter over the weekend and threatened to harm herself due to the excessive bullying.

As is the case with the purported Sharkeisha Twitter accounts, this is a hoax. The actual victim is seen above, with her mother, in the video interview.

The video continues its immense popularity nationwide, which says a great deal about web users' love for violence, raw videos and unusual names.


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