Curvy Girl Lingerie Ad: Super Bowl Bound?

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Curvy Girl Lingerie is in the running to win a free television commercial at this year's Super Bowl as part of Intuit’s Small Business Big Game contest.


Curvy Girl, along with thousands of other small businesses, is currently vying for online votes to make it into the top 20 and, eventually, the winning slot.

The lingerie company's main competitor at the moment is NORML, a marijuana advocacy group, according to Curvy Girls owner Chrystal Bougon.

"No matter how you feel about marijuana, there's just a higher percentage of game viewers that resonate with sexy, confident women," she said in a statement.

"We think our message will resonate with more of the Super Bowl's audience."

With 57 percent of women buying plus-size clothing and the average woman wearing a size 14, a Curvy Girls ad could very well appeal to the ladies.

Believe it or not, 46 percent of the Super Bowl viewing audience is female, and those viewers often are bombarded with unrealistic standards of beauty.

Sure, Kate Upton and her Mercedes TV commercial from last year was a step in the right direction, but by and large, it's a male-dominated ad world.

Plus, with models like Robyn Lawley, the first plus-size face of Ralph Lauren, plus Crystal Renn and Whitney Thompson, the plus-size movement is on!

Will it reach new heights February 2? All we can do is hope, and stay tuned.

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@ Joy- my husband loves my 42 triple Ds and my curves. bet you dont even have a man. you are too ugly on the inside and no amount of beauty on the outside can make up for that


Thanks to Hollywood Gossip for sharing our story! We hope to prove to people (and jack asses like Joy+) that Sexy Isn't a Size and that all bodes are beautiful.
You can browse our LINGERIE MODELS on our website

@ Curvy Girl Owner

I would love to vote for you to have the commercial and share with my curvy friends. Where do we go to vote?


Joy What are you, twelve?


wow your name alone is a horrible representation of your attitude as well as how you have single underhandedly brought out the unison of large women and the people that love and appreciate them i feel sorry for you i wish nothing but a wonderful life and i pray that you can someday see the worth in each and every single human regardless of their size shape color religion wishing you the best .......this is what we call treating others as you would like to be treated and getting what you give


@Joy.. kiss the fattest part of my fat ass. Its amazing you were able to crawl out of your hole and post such bullshit you piece of garbage. The women pictured are amazing and gorgeous. Im sorry that you dont have the correct equipment to handle them.. or any real woman for that matter.


Wow, @ joy must be a very insecure immature little twat to try and bash on sexy confident women. In the medical field, thats what we call pus, a nasty pile of infection. everyone better stay away!


@Joy + Bite my wide load butt... You're just mad that these chicks are sexier than your skinny butt. Get some hips honey! Real men love um!!


Joy+, its incredably rude and bigoted to suggest that women who wear a 14 or larger should have a tarp. Obviously you must be in that group since obviously you know so much about tarps and wide loads.
In todays world most people are not a size1 without starving their bodies amd have low self esteem. I would rather have slightly larger girls with confidance than skinny mentially challenged girls. I've found no problem finding guys who want me and my "large piles" in something sexy. Grow up and get a life.


Does being mean make you feel better about yourself, Joy? With so many of us being curvy, we obviously need these great stores to help us be our best!



@ JOY+>>>

You are in construction? That just secures my theory that you are not very smart. Did you have to use spell check on "tarp" and "construction"? In your case we just suggest a gag and paper bag... Get over your stupid self, take some self esteem classes, and try to get your GED before commeting publicly.

@ JOY+>>>

Joy is what we call, in the human world, an idiot.

@ JOY+>>>

What a piece of work! Sorry you have to resort to such things to compensate for your SHORT comings. Maybe it's time to get your head out of your back pocket and learn that a person's worth isn't a physical trait.