Lamar Odom Sued by Photographer, Accused of Acting "Above the Law"

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Lamar Odom isn't just facing accusations of crack use by ex-mistress Polina Polonsky.

He's also now facing a six-figure lawsuit by a member of the paparazzi.

Stefan Saad is seeking at least $565,000 from the troubled basketball player after Odom attacked him in July, an incident that stemmed from the photographer questioning Lamar's fidelity and which led to Odom destroying $15,000 worth of camera equipment.

The altercation was caught on film, but no charges were filed.

In his lawsuit, Saad actually takes aim at the entire Kardashian family, writing:

"The Kardashian clan has apparently come to believe that it is above the law, and has some exceptional privilege to disregard the rights of others... The Kardashian clan are not only wealthy and attractive -- but also deeply flawed."

Saad also mentioned that the sky is blue and the Pope is Catholic. Just kidding.

According to the court documents, Odom acts like he's "above the law" because he's married to Khloe Kardashian.

And Saad also brings Kim Kardashian's baby daddy into the equation, alleging that Kanye West gave Odom advice on how to deal with the paparazzi as he would; i.e. in fits of rage.

Stefan is suing for assault, conversion and trespass of property. He's seeking money for the equipment Odom destroyed, along with punitive damages.


his excuse: JESUS WAS BLACK TOO?


Keeping Lamar Odom in my prayers like I have said before only god knows what all has gone behind the close doors of the cursed wicked kardashian compound. Lamar after four or five years in this family never had no bad publicity until kanye west the new black man in the family comes in the picture(he will control kim kardashian big time like a sex puppet). Understand I think it is so sad now this cursed family put lamar on serious blast and worship the ground that kanye west walk on. Kanye west will be next watch and see kim kard is going drain him dry. I pray that lamar keep his distance from khloe she is as evil as ninja mommager kris jenner if not worse. Not judging but because of khloes behavior on sites,media and tablois she is nothing but a little girl in a grown woman's body that can not make her decisions for herself she has to let ninja mommager kris jenner make her decisions for her. so sad I can not wait to view the video mentioned because if such a video exist I am quite sure it will go viral and all the kkk/jenner girls along with ninja mommager, will be a serious WRAP. I am starting to understand more why would someone would show kim,khloe,kourtney bound and tied up in a trunk of a car with paris Hilton in the front see these women are so Wicked and Cursed. Prayers to all.


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