Lamar Odom Explodes at Paparazzi, Tosses Equipment into the Street

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Might those Jennifer Richardson rumors finally be getting to Lamar Odom?

The typically unassuming reality star went off on two members of the paparazzi yesterday, smashing one of their cars and tossing camera equipment into the street - and most of the incident was captured on camera.

Check out footage of the Odom tirade at TMZ.

Lamar Odom Walking

It's unclear what started the incident (Khloe Kardashian claims the photographer snuck into the couple's private property), but Odom clearly goes into a reporter's car and deposits his belongings in front of a few parked cars.

From there, he uses a metal bar of some kind to damage a paparazzo's vehicle… and then picks up the tossed equipment and places it in his own car.

Hilariously, the video ends with Odom calmly posing with a fan for a cell phone photo.

Khloe, however, was far less calm in her reaction to the incident on Twitter.

“F**k the papz!!!!!" she wrote. "You f**king losers!!!!! But shout out to my hubby for posing with the fans! I love my Lam!

"This becomes stalking at some point!!!!! Its wild!!!! #F**kThePaps."


I'm very disappointed about Lamar. How can he disrespect his wife by sleeping around. I'm just praying for his wife to be strong. He behaves like a loser. You don't put someone you love to this kind of situation.


An innocent man doesn't freak out like that. If they had illegally come onto the property then they should have called the cops & quietly waited inside. They could have taken pics or video of whoever was on the property which would have given them PROOF that their privacy was being violated.


If everyone not pay any attention to them- next thing you know another sex video might be leaked- oops I mean stolen.
Lets see: he had a few children with a young lady he was in a long term relationship and within a month, he gets married to Kardasian who seems now to be complaining about some one else not having etiquette of character? Double lol!


I like that. Like them, I say "Screw the lowlife paparazzi too".


He has no reason to act like a child, if you are tough enough to be a public figure, be tough enough to accept you will be photographed and harrassed, its part of being famous and his wife needs to shutup, LOL


I think laws should be passed here like they have been in the UK when it comes to paps. Even though many live for the attention, there are many that don't and don't want their lives under a microscope. I don't know how these people will ever live a normal life, other than to move away from L.A.. Yes the Karkashians hunger for the attention, but I don't think Khloe and Lamar are interested in that hunger. Paps need to back off of everyone and let them live their lives in private! Get a real job!!!!


Know he didnt he put the equipment in his truck....goes to show how the media gets stuff so wrong...u go Lamar!


Chimpout !! Monkey shines !! Tar babies !! lol

@ Bronson are not funny or cleaver. That was a tasteless post. You rank right down there with the pappz


speak out the truth & make him mad!!

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