Kim Kardashian Christmas Photos: Selfies on Set!

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Give the Kardashians kredit: At least they're admitting to being fake in a new round of Instagram photos.

The family is apparently filming the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Christmas special this week, with a blonde Kim Kardashian posted two photos to her social media account.

In the first, she's sitting on a couch, surrounded by red and green; in the second (captioned "#SelfiesOnSet"), she's hanging with half-sister Kylie Jenner:

  • Kim Kardashian Christmas Photo
  • Kim Kardashian Set Selfie

"Long beautiful work day with the family! Shot a very fun Christmas special! Can't wait to share more later! Night! Xo," Kim Tweeted, failing to explain why she's celebrating this holiday in September.

But of all the things that baffle up regarding Kim Kardashian (chiefly, her popularity), we suppose this is one of the least pressing questions out there.

Happy phony holidays, THG readers!

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Kim Kardashian Christmas Photos: Selfies on Set!
Guys, dont work your right hands out))


SO FUNNY HOW THEY HAVE EXPOSED THEMSELVES BIG TIME.The show has always been FAKED from day one. Now everyone can stop tuning into E!kuwthk because it is truly all FAKED.LOL Destroyed by their own ninja mommager hands. I noticed khloe stating she is exhausted no Lamar Odom is exhausted of the selfie pics, booty shots, showing her wedding rings, but sickening of it all is her sitting on the bed with Scott Disick in her see through night gown. I wonder if khloe's agenda is working for her to continue to show herself in pics being sexy when still at the end of the day, Lamar is still staying MUM about everything. Khloe is really losing her mind seriously and those traits of that Fatal Attraction Women is certainly coming out of khloe. Kylie just turned 16 years old right , doesn't she look at least 29-30 in this pic.So sad.Prayers.

@ curious

It's amazing how racist you can appear. All the shit they have caused and only until Odom gets left out do you continuously complain. Take off the mask.

@ Sims

@Sims prayers to you my dear. I am no racist just expressing an opinion,which is true ok. All that I have stated is the truth of what I see in the media,tabloids,and news networks. I will continue to pray for all that soon all of this will be a serious Wrap. So much is going on in the world today little girls in other countries are being bought to become young brides at the age of 9-17 yrs old to come up dead at the end which is so sad. The kardashian famiy who calls themselves a cursed family would put all of their fake energy into helping people and make a difference people would respect them more. Oh well that would be to much to ask for America is tired of this wicked family who has no morales and still keeps exploiting themselves.I do wish all well but at the end of the day The Keeping Up With The Kardashian Clan is still that Wicked Cursed family they calls themselves. It is not my intentions to insult anyone it is only an opinion.Many prayers to all.


Enough about this disfunctional family.