Michael Phelps' Mustache: Awesome or Really Awesome?!

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Retirement from swimming apparently suits Michael Phelps well in the girlfriend department - he's dating Golf Channel's Win McMurry - and the facial hair realm.

As mustaches go, Phelps' is fairly epic by modern standards:

Michael Phelps' Mustache

Debuted within an adorable, black-and-white photograph of the Olympic champion and his niece, the new look definitely suits him, don't you think?

Phelps posted the shot on his Instagram today, and we're not sure if it just works because he has 87 gold medals, or because it's just that awesome.

Either way, though, it's en emphatic win. Don't you agree?

What do you think of Michael Phelps' mustache?


Oops, sorry.. When I posted my first comment it wasn't showing up for like 5 minutes, so I thought someone deleted it. If someone could please delete my last two comments, I would appreciate it. :(


Hmm.. Apparently the website master deleted my comment.. I wrote a comment about how Michael Phelps doesn't have 87 *gold* medals, but that he only has 18 gold medals, and 22 medals in all.. In my comment said I didn't know how they came to the insane conclusion that he has 87, but that it would take a lifetime to achieve that, and he's only 28 years old. Why would you guys delete my comment? I'm not saying anything offensive, and I'm just pointing out the truth, so people reading this don't actually think he has 87 gold medals. I mean, 87 gold medals is impossible. The 22 medals he does have are record breaking, and no one has reached 22 medals, but him. Because of this, he is called the greatest Olympian of all time. Rightly so, because 22 medals is unheard of. Please don't delete my comment. That's petty.


He has 22 medals, not 87.. I don't know where you got the insane numbers from, but if someone had 87 *GOLD* Olympic medals, it would take a lifetime to do that, and he's only 28 years old. The 22 medals he has aren't even all gold medals. I think he has 18 gold medals total out of the 22.


He is as homely as they come -- with or without a mustache. Looks like he hit a brick wall, face first.




That was a throwback thursday #TBT picture you idiot. Can't you read twitter?


I agree better looking now WITHOUT a porn-stach!


That is an OLD pic from probably 4-5 yrs. ago for "throw back Thursday pics" that ppl post!!!...His niece is A LOT older than that now!...LOL...but still trash the stach, but I do like him with a bit of a beard like he usually wears now!....#justsaying


"Meh" should've been another choice to vote on.

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