Justin Bieber Lectures Fans, Sticks iPhone Down His Pants

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Justin Bieber took a break from singing on Tuesday night in Newark and tried his hand at teaching.

Clearly perturbed that fans were tossing items on to the stage, Bieber stopped the show and asked that attendees refrain from such actions. When they continued to do so?

He asked if everyone knew the meaning of the word "refrain."

One individual apparently did not. And when she threw her iPhone at the star, he stuck it down his pants!

Earlier in the week, Bieber made like Eminem during a show in Detroit.

And then yesterday he received a special award for making music history.


Wow...Justin shouldn't have done that..eventhough he was provoked to do it.people who were throwing stuff in the audience eventhough Justin told them not to do it are being disrespectful and their trying Justins temper. And I think children shouldn't be allowed in concerts.


Guess he's not going away any time soo. The world is full of silly teens. Isn't he also a teen a very rich teen!


...the entire Phone in his anus?

Kimberly 1

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Do they know what the word refrain means. The question does he?


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