Miley Cyrus on Lesbian Rumors: Thank You!

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Miley Cyrus has a message for the haters: I won.


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    Next thing you know when our kids turn 12, they will have sex and say well Miley cyrus says I can do what I want, it's my body and my right. Thanks for further promoting and hyper sexualizing our society. Wtf is with all this crap they are playing on the radio, the cranberries have so much more class.


    I personally like what shes done. Sure there are some thing she could have done differently but hey everyone lives there life differently and I am in complete support of what miley has decided to do with her life. So ya know what go girl. Live your life to the fullest cuz at the end of the day you only get one. :-)

    @ Faola

    Hey ur fault for being bad parents, u dont like what ur kids listen to change that, dont go complaining because no body gives a fuck, sincerely someone with a brain!
    P.s: maybe u should find ur brain, its obviosly been missing for quite some time


    Stop talking Miley you sound retarded. Stop trying to be "edgy" and "sexually daring" no one cares! It's all been done before you moron.

    @ Fugu

    Oh im sorry that was meant for the diamondzdust! Im completely sorry, but i agree with what u sad! :)


    Miley wants to be Rachet Pussy so bad....Miley just be white, it's cool that you wanna be down and twirk it with the best of em' but, this chick is going about trying to be seen as "adult" if that's what you can call her, Justin Bieber too, the wrong way, These kids are trying way too damn hard to be accepted by the black community...Guys just be white....don't be a waste of caucasian skin! We get that you like the culture, but you can cross over and have world wide appeal without having to compromise ie make an ass out of yourselves...though it may be too late for those two!


    She looks like an ugly guy. I'm sure her reps paid Maxim to make her the #1 Hottie.


    these answers of her are "Wet & Fruity", folks!!

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