Kim Kardashian Baby Photos: Delayed By Royal Baby Arrival?

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One set of famous baby photos down... one more to go?

With Kate Middleton and Prince William having already debuted a couple Royal Baby pics - just a day after he was born! -  many are wondering: What the heck is taking Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so long?!?

Daughter North West came into this world on June 15 and, five weeks later, nary a single picture of the tyke has been released.

Kimye Photograph
Kate, William and Royal Baby

Has Kanye West truly laid down the anti-tabloid law? Is Kris Jenner just holding out for the best deal possible?

Or might the family have been waiting for Middleton to deliver in order to regain the spotlight for itself?

Many theories are out there regarding why the most publicity-hungry reality stars in history have gone silent in the midst of such a monumental event, but the best we've heard is this:

Kim Kardashian went into early labor. The timing of this event threw off the Kardashian's initial plans to roll out little Nori.

And once they got everything in order, Kris and kompany were afraid that Kate and William - the only potential new parents alive who could actually shove Kim and Kanye to the sideline - would welcome a Royal bundle of joy around the same time North West photos came out, rendering them irrelevant.

But now that the British baby is here? And has already been seen by millions around the globe?

We'd be shocked if Kardashian didn't debut her child before the month is over.

Either that, or she really is cherishing motherhood and desiring privacy, as the miracle of birth has given Kim a new view on life and she's realized the importance of... HA! Just kidding. Nori will make her debut very soon.


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Kim Kardashian Baby Photos: Delayed By Royal Baby Arrival?
Now tell me it's not real!
Good luck!


That is fucking allsome


HELLO the baby looks like kanye that's why.


Ever stop to think how greed and absolute absurdity this is? The royal family of England showed their baby within 24 hours, yet the Kardashian's Who LIVE EAT SLEEP and BREATHE money are waiting for the big 6figure paycheck to show the baby. They should be ashamed by this "hook and lure" attempt to make money off their child. The poor thing.. I have this great novel IDEA. Lets all play the "NO ONE CARES" game and watch the price of the baby photo drop to a 5 spot and a pack of smokes. .( LOL) - Another theory is she doesn't want the cute little baby to upstage her, so she is taking off the baby weight before showing how cute it is. meanwhile causing the baby picture to drive up to a 7mil picture payday. Again. shame shame shame Fat Kim. Another theory? (yes I have a few) The baby only has one eye and a horrific hideous tarnishment to the beauty and style, and grace otherwise known as the Kardashian Brand. (cough cough - choke) or my best theory, she ate like the fat pig for nine months and just like her 73 day wedding sham, was never really prego., just a huge, and I do mean huge, publicity stunt. The poor misguided and out of touch of reality family,,,, they are like watching a horse run toward a burning stable. the only saving grace is Rob Kardashian. Poor thing....You'll loose the weight, I think the sisters are sabotaging his success. You go Rob. you are the redeeming factor. really.


Honestly, I'm beginning to think there is a far deeper reason they are not showing the baby. Too much time has passed since the birth. This is now old news, and what with the recent Kate and William excitement, the Kardashian baby has lost its appeal.. I don't know what it is, but I have a bad feeling about all of this....

@ LindaP

I don't think there is anything wrong that is preventing them from showing at least a pic of the baby. I honestly think they were deliberately holding back hoping they'd get a HUGE financial offer. I first thought it was because Kris wanted to debut her on her talk show. I know the story is that the baby she showed belonged to a staff member (I believe that's what the stories said) but it wouldn't surprise me if that WAS Northwest & they were just wanting to see the reaction before they said yes it was or no it wasn't her. I'm sure there is some media outlet that would still pay a fortune but I do think enough time has passed that the interest is gone, especially after the birth & first images of Prince George. The only thing that's important is that the baby is healthy. Beyond that it doesn't matter to me if they show a picture of her or show her publicly or not. Personally, I can't wait until they all just fade away back into their own worlds.


They already said that press has afford them millions of dollars for kims first baby photo. From what I read she was always exercising a lot to look good. I'm guessing will see baby's first photo not only when the price is right but when Kim has lost all the baby weight. She's not going want her first photo of her looking like she just had a baby. Kate is obviously going be a great Mom, she shows more pride in showing off her bundle of joy.

@ Shaheen Hobbeheydar

You could be right about Kim wanting to look her best BUT they can always release a pic that doesn't show Kim's full body. There's enough pics of her already out there anyway. The one people would want to see would be the baby. I agree Kate will be a great mom & both mom & dad were beaming.


Nobody said mom or dad was ugly, at least not physically. Socially it's a TOTALLY different story. Kim/Kris & Kanye ALWAYS want to be THE face in the news. Kim hasn't been as mean & nasty publicly like Kanye but still, I don't give either high points for their view & treatment of others.


Kate is married in the royal family but look at how simple kate and william are. kim is beyond.....she seeks attention. if you are not interesting to people why force it, be yourself, weather people like you or not. Be natural.


What makes her think she's something but a ho. She's not royality and
she'll never compete w/the Royal family. The news of the royal baby trumps miles above this regular woman having a baby. I still don't
completely believe she was even pregnant. I think maybe surrogate.
It was all an act.


It's probably so ugly, she's ashamed to show it. If it looks like its father, at least.

@ JimmyT

She WAS PREGNANT, she had an ultrasound, she was always in pain, uh the BELLY BUMP ! And I'm sure her baby is beautiful, kanye isn't even ugly, nor is kim. #STOP_HATING !

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