Grown Ups 2 Reviews: Colossal Waste of Time?

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There are some movies that should just never be repeated. It appears as if Grown Ups 2 might fall into that category.

That's just my humble opinion though, let's see what the professionals have to say with some Grown Ups 2 reviews. 

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Friendship, family and breasts: Sometimes that's all you need. -- Adam Graham, Detroit News

Anyone desiring a serious education in the fundamentals of how to make a comedy should study Grown Ups 2 as an example of one that does almost everything wrong. -- Eric D. Snider, Twitch

Believe it or not, Grown Ups 2 is better than at least one other movie in existence, and that movie is Grown Ups. -- Katey Rich,

When Taylor Lautner is the funniest thing in a movie starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, we're in trouble. -- Richard Roeper,

The fact that some moments are genuinely laugh-out-loud funny almost makes the whole endeavor sadder. -- Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

Do not waste your money, your time and your brain cells: Grown Ups 2 is a dismal disaster. -- Bruce Kirkland, Jam! Movies


I loved the first Grown ups! It was one of my favorite movies!


I thought the first Grown Ups was actually pretty good. It's unfortunate that the critics opinions carry so much weight because they never seem to give good reviews to comedies. Thus, comedies don't get made as much and are replaced with either a super hero movie or another Pixar flick.

Amanda denton
@ Hellion

I agree that critics tend to pan comedies. However, I think it's also because so many comedies are made for the here and now. The majority of them aren't really designed for the long haul, rather they are sort of throw away movies. I don't say that in a flippant way, as I actually adore comedy. I have a deep love for "entertainment just for entertainment's sake", but an Adam Sandler movie doesn't have the time and monetary investment that a Pacific Rim does. Not that it's a bad thing, it just doesn't call for it.
I think the biggest thing to remember when it comes to critics is it's their job. They aren't going to see the new comedy flick on Friday night on a date, they are watching it next to all these other bigger, better, more in your face, deeper storyline and emotional pull movies and next to those, yes, comedy movies can suck. In the end, money is going to talk. The audiences are there for the Pixar movies and the superhero movies so they are going to keep getting made. The industry and it's phases are just that, phases. In five years there might be someone commenting on how they wish movie studios stopped making so many comedies and would make more action flicks. Now that I've written half an essay on the state of comedic films in the US in the comments of a Grown Ups 2 reviews post, I'll just go ahead and sign off with.. thanks for reading.

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