Taylor Chapman: See Dunkin' Donuts Hater Interview Ludacris!

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Taylor Chapman, the horrible Dunkin' Donuts customer who went off on the store in a viral video, once interviewed Ludacris about his cognac brand!

Before Chapman’s self-videotaped berating of DD employees and customers turned her into the Web's Most Hated, she was a failed model / PR person.

Perhaps Chapman’s frustration stems from never making it big. Check out the 2009 video of her talking to the rapper about Conjure in South Florida:

As the singer is surrounded for an event in a liquor store, a young brunette with a microphone - Taylor Chapman herself - begins questioning him.

“How would you sell this product in 10 seconds because I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t know if I want to,” she asks him, meekly and awkwardly.

Ludacris tells her he would sell it in two, because Conjure is “sex in a bottle.” Well played. Then Chapman asks softly, “will you try it with me?”

And that was pretty much the end of her PR career apparently.

One person who claims to know her posted on a Web site that she was “into modeling and shooting promo videos shortly after moving to South Florida.”

That person also said Chapman alienated most if not all of her girlfriends but that at one time she had been a “sweet little awkward girl next door.”

Fast forward to 2013 and that girl next door became this:


I want to see ludacris's reaction to her rant! Has anyone showed him yet?


I looked up 'cunt' in the American Heritage dictionary and it said "See Taylor Chapman." It said nothing else. This 'woman' is obviously a troll at businesses. Looking for ways to complain any way she can, then post it to YouTube or Vimeo and hopefully be seen as a vigilante in some manner. What a supreme twit. Her language shot her in the foot from the beginning.


That nice girl had no drugs. She's just the usual racist. "White trash trailer park bitch." as one commentator said.


This bitch is ludicrous!! Ludacris didnt want anything to do with her...


Clearly under the influence of one or more substances. Ugly ugly ugly things.


All this for lack of a receipt from Dunkin Donuts!! Gimme a break! She lost all credibility when she opened her dirty potty mouth. You don't put your point across with foul language in every sentence.


I think nicoz got it right. Perceptive comment. And those DD employees rock.


cocaine is a hellova drug


What a douche! Needs a life..Gold stars for the patience and grace
of the Dunkin Donuts staff!

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