Sean Lowe: Dancing With the Stars Diva?

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Is Sean Lowe turning into a diva on the set of Dancing With the Stars?

According to TMZ, The Bachelor has a pretty high opinion of himself.

ABC, accordingly, denies Sean is anything but a perfect gentleman.

Sean Lowe Dancing With the Stars

The celebrity news site alleges that Sean Lowe insists on being filmed from good angles, talks down to crew members, and acts like a brat in general.

He reportedly makes comments to the effect of "this show needs me" and discusses how he has become a brand that he must "market accordingly."

Executive Producer Conrad Green, contrarily, says Future Mr. Catherine Giudici "is a pleasure to work with and there is nothing diva-like about him."

So who knows. But speaking of DWTS, who do you want to win?


Sean Lowe says he doesn't want fame, yet Bachelor twice, late night shows, DWTS. Run Catherine Run!!!


Of course ABC is gonna deny that Sean Lowe is acting like a male diva on the set of the new season of DWTS. As always, ANYTHING for DRAMA and RATINGS!!!!! Sean and (especially!!!!!) ABC are fooling NO ONE...PERIOD!!!!!!

@ jaybird369

Why would anyone believe the low lifes at TMZ? They just dish out crap on a constant basis and can never back anything up! I'm with ABC on this one.


this is the way to meet fellow-homosexuals like him.............

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