Ohio Shooter Wears "Killer" T-Shirt, Sentenced to Life

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T.J. Lane - an 18-year old who pleaded guilty last month to killing three students in an Ohio State cafeteria in February 12 - was sentenced to consecutive life terms in prison today.

And he drew attention to himself throughout the hearing by smiling, cursing... and donning a "Killer" T-shirt.

Killer T-Shirt

Lane pointed his middle finger at the victims' relatives at one point, while Dina Parmertor, whose son Daniel died in Lane's attack, referred to the culprit "a pathetic excuse for a human being" and wished upon him "an extremely, slow torturous death."

Lane smiled as Dina spoke.

Prosecutors say the teenager used a .22-caliber pistol to fire 10 shots at a group of students in his school's cafeteria. Those fatally wounded included Daniel Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin, both 16, and Russell King Jr., 17.

A few months ago, Lane was ruled mentally competent to stand trial.

In addition to three life sentences with no chance of parole, Judge David Fuhry also handed out sentences totaling 37 more years for attempted murder and felonious assault and using a weapon in Lane's crimes.


In prison, in general population, this kid won't last a week.He'll then probably be "humped" into protection. After that be a middle man in things better not mentioned. After serving his sentence, he'll be the perfect criminal. Well trained an versed.Hope the first act of sodomy is violent.....


People are so evil.... Death penalty is the only answer for the cruel

Brad stewart
@ lynn

acutely, your thinking to nice! what a shame that you pity him. no your wrong they should put him in jail have no contact what so ever. sit in an empty white room have potatoes and water for every meal. slowly torture him everyday and after hes gone nuts before he died the slowly kill him in a super pain full death i think they should do that for people the really deserve it