Keyshia Cole Slams Beyonce for "Self-Righteous" Lyrics

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Keyshia Cole has no interest in bowing down to Beyonce.

Following the latter's release of "Bow Down/I Been On" - a track that includes the lyric This is my sh-t. Bow down, bitches - Cole absolutely blasted her fellow artist on Twitter yesterday.

"Can't stand when people all self righteous when it's convenient it makes them look good," Cole wrote, calling out Beyonce for sending mixed messages. "But can still talk sh-t when convenient 2 FOH."

Despite the backlash from Beyonce fans, Keyshia was unfazed.

"First 'Women need to Stick together' now b-tches better Bow," she Tweeted. "Smh. But it's all G! Chicks stay shooting the sh-t…

"I done kept it real from the start! #RespectTHAT."

Cole also stirred up controversy a few weeks ago when she bashed Beyonce's former Destiny's Child pal Michelle Williams, writing of her Super Bowl performance:

"She always f-cking the groove up."

What do you think of Cole's beef with Beyonce? Does she have one? Or should she shut up and bow down?

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I think the effort should be learning to speak correct English instead of worrying about someone's personality flaws.


Wow.. just woww... I can't believe what I am reading on here. The article and the comments! .."my girl Bey or Keisha"... would they say the same about you? .. Well I guess they would probably go through the motions at least. (Not saying this about all celebs btw) Okay, self-righteous lyrics. SELF-RIGHTEOUS. Are you for real? Oh yeah, I forgot, this is hollywood gossip.. So since when is swearing and getting your crew to beat up a girl, because you couldn't get her in the back of a caddy, self-righteous? You need to check those lyrics again. Maybe check your soul too, if you really love this song. Don't confuse self-righteous with self-centered. However It is undeniable that the song sounds good. It has pretty melodies with Beyonce's impressive vocals, but because of the lyrics (what's a song without words? without a message?) and what the song truly stands for, I hate the song... It makes my stomach turn.
(Sorry Beyonce, but I'm sure you're don't care what I think anyway.) So when I listened to the song, I realized that even though I hate the lyrics and the message, I found myself instinctively liking the sound of it. Hmmm. Now, lets say you know a song has a bad message in it, but you like the sound of it.. & hey it's just a song right? It's just fun. Something to play in the background to fill the silence... so you keep listening to it, and more songs like it.. everyday, over and over.. until you know the lyrics and their timing, you can picture the notes in your mind.. maybe even the video if you like it that much. That song.. in a way.. is now inside you. You have learned that song and its message to the point of second nature. Hmmm and some wonder why they're depressed or suicidal, or why they have all these problems in their life. This is just one song. I wonder what movies and other social outlets have to offer?..... If you know your Bible, you know what's going on. Love to all humanity. (Even the bad that think they're doing good.)


Y'all still gonna buy the album!! So shut the hell up!!


I agrera with Keisha we need to stick together as women theres already enough trash talking About us by the men

@ Lauren

Actually women trash talk themselves more then men do.


hey everyone the people who know me know my obbsesion for keyshia cole is not real i LOVE keyshia and i hate you all talking about my girl like that you keep it real keyshia i have yo back keep mine!!!


I honestly do not understand why Keyshia Cole would get so emotional because of Beyonce's ego. Keyshia should just focus on herself. She has a reputation to consider. Plus, I do not want her to see her becoming so bitter and resentful.

@ Ernest

J E A L O U S Y. Keisha has lived a hard life and when someone is living good and want to do good, Keisha has a problem. Misery loves company.


Beyonce is now a mother for crying out loud. Are the lyrics of this song the message she wants her daughter to grow up with? I sincerely hope not.


I like both women, but Keyshia is overstepping boundaries like a lot of celebs do! Mind Your own f***ing business, Keyshia! I don't understand why every other celeb feels that it's their personal right to butt in when nobody asked for their opinion! Even if Keyshia isn't jealous of Beyoncé, this bulls**t move sure makes her sound like it. Grow the f**k up!


Beyonce' be all whited-up good-lookin' an' shit but Keyshia got the voice and the true soul. if both of them was single I would date Keyshia 'cause all the dudes be hittin' on Beyonce' and I don't need all that drama.


I love both of my beautiful black queens! BEYONCE is the best in all of music the past 10 12 years by far! the best combination of beauty talent swagg style money etc EVER! QUEEN BEY NO.1

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