Kate Middleton: Expecting a Girl?!

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Is the pregnant Kate Middleton expecting a girl?

A remark by the Duchess during her public appearance at the National Fishing Heritage Centre sent the royal baby rumor mill into overdrive yesterday.

Kate Waving

Greeted by adoring crowds, the Duchess of Cambridge, 31, was given a white teddy bear by a Grimsby, England, resident named Diane Burton.

"Thank you, I'll take that for my d--" Prince William's glowing wife replied, appearing to cut herself off mid-sentence. Gotta mean it's a girl, right?

When another well-wisher then asked the royal if she was about to say "daughter," Kate Middleton smiled, coyly replying, "We're not telling."

Another witness, Sandra Cook, overheard this and told reporters: "I said to her: 'You were going to say daughter weren't you?' and she said, 'No, we don't know.'"

Remarked Cook, 67, to Kate: "I said, 'Oh, I think you do', to which she said: 'We're not telling.'" Kate, meanwhile, happily clutched the teddy bear gift.

Privately, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently learned the sex of their baby, a palace source confirms, "but they've only told their parents" thus far.

If it's indeed a girl, it's potentially historic news.

The current ruler, William's grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, recently decreed that, should he and Kate's first born be a daughter, she will be called "Princess."

More significantly, the Succession the Crown Bill, overruling centuries of tradition, decrees that their first child will be the heir to the throne, regardless of gender.

So basically, all hail the Future Queen (maybe)!

The future British monarch is staying active before his/her big arrival, that's for sure. Middleton confirmed Tuesday that the baby is kicking already in there!

If it really is a girl, what should she name it?


LOL at "Matilda," as a name choice, and it's certainly not common. Not every woman has a baby named Matilda. Perhaps because it is so awful, but hey, at least it's not common! Every other female baby in the world is a Chloe or a Taylor or a Madison, so perhaps she can mix it up a bit and call her kid "Matilda."

@ chele

Really?? In the UK Matilda is a very popular name, mainly with the middle class, In boarding schools and Pony Clubs across Britain you will find many, many 'Tilly's'!


Shes a Bad Bitch!


While Diana may seem only appropriate for a middle name according to British custom, naming their child that wouldn't be the first old British rule this couple has sent packing. Consider the Succession to the Crown Bill; I've heard elsewhere that Kate refused to let herself get pregnant until that law was passed, so that all of her children would be treated fairly and equally. In the end, THEY hold the cards, not the dusty old maxims of British propriety - not anymore. LOL


While Diana is lovely, it would only be appropriate as a middle name. Charlotte has many positives - it's the feminine of Charles, less common than Elizabeth, Katherine & Victoria, & is a lovely blend of modern & traditional. However, Diana's brother Charles' youngest daughter is Charlotte Diana.


I think Diana could be a middle name but not a 1st name. I love Charlotte, I think it's a great name and it will bring a great old fashion name back and be popular again. My grandmother's name is Charlotte.


I think just as well that she will "take to the day room". If it is a girl, she willed be loved by so many. If it is a boy, he too will be loved by many. It is just Princess Diana's look alike?


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Jesus, people, why not just wait until they decide to make a public announcement instead of prying into their private lives. She could have been trying to say, I'll take it for our DETECTIVE to check over before giving it to our baby... OMG, that's a "D" word, too!!! Who cares, as long as she's feeling better and having a healthy pregnancy is all I wish for her... Please find some actual real news to report on. Jeesh!


yep, a future queen is there all right.

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