Dr. Oz Sued for Painful, Failed Insomnia Cure

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A New Jersey resident named Frank Dietl has sued Dr. Oz because he claims an insomnia cure recommended by the talk show host left him with third-degree burns.

The remedy - titled "knap-sack heated rice footsie" - was outlined by Oz on April 17, 2012.

It asks the patient to fill a pair of socks with uncooked rice; heat them up via microwave; and then place said socks on one's feet.

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Oz did warn viewers to be careful with the temperature of the socks, but Dietl claims they burned him nonetheless.

According to The Associated Press, he has therefore filed a lawsuit Manhattan State Supreme Court.

There's been no response yet from anyone at The Dr. Oz Show.

But Oz clearly has an effect on his viewers: Oprah's good friend was recently named one of the year's top 10 most influential celebrities by Forbes.


I am not at all surprised by this. That Dr. Oz dude is always getting sued. And, personally...I'm not a fan of his or that show of his. To me, Dr. Oz is nothing but an overrated QUACK who acts like he knows everything (which he don't). And, I hear that over half of his neighbors cannot stand him or his wife. Dr. Oz=BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!!


psssst: Dr. Death?


This is ridiculous. Our country has encouraged stupidity, lack of common sense & personal responsibility by even acknowledging these kind of people. This man clearly wants a pay day and is using any excuse to get one. Shame on him.


Omg..... This is stupid! He didn't say boil rice
Dumb ppl like this should pay for all attorney fees. And oz should counter sue