Dancing With the Stars Results: Who's the First One Out?

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After the standard Week One reprieve, it's elimination time.

Dancing With the Stars' 17th season has assembled a nice blend of reality stars, singers, actors and sports stars young and old (it's also sparked an age limit controversy).

One man occupied 12th place all by himself after two routines, but with four peeps in second-to-last, we all know anything can happen on the results show.

With that said, let's get down to the results, shall we?

Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani
D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke
Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko

The dancer heading exiting stage right this week is ...

Dorothy Hamill!!

Wait ... what?!

It was shocking enough when Victor Ortiz and Lisa Vanderpump were named the bottom two. But just before one was dismissed, Tom Bergeron brought out Dorothy.

"I've taken the advice of my spine surgeon and I need to withdraw from the competition. I have an injury that could be irreparable," Hamill told the crowd.

"It would be completely unfair for me to stay in this and have any of these people go home. I wish that I could give it my all but I can't. It's been wonderful ride."

That means the bottom two couples, improbably are safe for another week.

"All the 11 remaining couples will be back in the ballroom," Tom said.

Be well, Dorothy.


Why is Derek always gets a pretty slim partner. I would like to see him have Wynonna as his partner or any other plus siize woman and then see how smug he would be. I wish he would get over himself.
I think you should be at least 18, or out of high school to compete.


You've had Dr's in your life forever!!! Didn't they check you out before the show??? Since before the olympics you've been a liar and a princess on the floor boards forever!! Last night I couldn't stand the dorothy hamill I saw up close and personal , taking away OUR ice time, nor could I stand this halloucinigenic Dorothy playing coy to the cameras
and america.... Legened? americas sweetheart+ geez D your exactly like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd!!! Classic movie YOU NOT!!! Finally I get to say this to you , WHAT A F==== WIMP!!


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the ones wo are able to ride the wheelchair!!


Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente