Akon Sued For Crushing Concert Worker During Stage Dive

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A concert worker says he is physically disabled and was permanently injured thanks to Akon diving off the stage during a show and landing on him.

Matthew Graham is suing Akon, claiming he was working his show at BayFest music festival in Alabama back in 2009 when the singer injured him terribly.

At the concert (see above video), Akon "negligently or wantonly leapt into the overcrowded mass of concert goers" and struck Graham, he claims.

Graham says he sustained severe, permanent injury to his knee, back, head, and body during the incident and is now physically disabled as a result.

The plaintiff doesn't specify the full extent of his disabilities.

Graham is suing for medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and mental anguish, demanding unspecified damages, and is also suing BayFest, Inc.

Akon had no comment as of right now now now now now.


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