Justin Bieber Tattoo: What the Heck Is It?

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The number of Justin Bieber tattoos has increased yet again, with this singer's latest ink baffling fans around the nation.

In a new Instagram photo of the 18-year old's upper right chest, we see a slew of Roman Numerals, the same artwork recently penned on to the arm of producer Jamal Rashid, who Tweeted:

"Great Minds Think Alike ! @justinbieber 1975 Same Tatts spiritual meanings."

Well… okay. Except it's unclear what kind of meaning "1975" has to the singer and, this is awkward, but: those numerals do NOT add up to the year/number in question. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Tattoo Pic

What does the ink mean? Let the guessing games start, THGers, as you gawk over other, less confounding Justin Bieber photos in our gallery of the artist.


1975 is the year both his mom and dad were born. Anybody who thinks it's anything else is an idiot.


The correct Roman numerals for 1975 are MCMLXXV. If the year is supposed to be 1976, it's still wrong, because that's MCMLXXVI. Quick run down: I =1; V=5; X=10 (good knowledge for all the idiots who ever called Mac OS TEN "Mac OS EX"); L=50; C=100 (where the slang term "C-note" comes from); D=500; M=1000 (Mille, as in millimeters, i.e. 1000 units of a meter). In a numeral of more than one component, the order of the components signifies the value: IV = 4, while VI = 6 MCMLXXVI: M = 1000
CM = 900
LXX = 70
VI = 6 There you have it. Knowing anything is as easy as... learning it!




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That picture does not look right. I know he was showing his tatto's I hope no one reads into this and make up a dumb ass story but he look like he was getting dress after doing a no no. It just the way the picture looks I think.

@ Bluejays

Doing a "no no"? What picture are you looking at? He looks like he is trying to have someone capture a candid moment...while showing off his dumb ass tattoo.


It is his mom's birthday , I heard that from a bieber site not sure if true or not .


srry. think* i have a bad keyboard :(


THANK YOU. me and u tink hes a jerk! :D

Zi jones

I think all we can say is again...simply...Justin Beiber is an idiot and here is further proof. One comment by MarcF down there says "1975" is MCMLXXV... IIXVIIV is "20" and that is true. Besides the point readers brought up about the question of his mothers birth year so then why does the other guy have same tattoo?

@ Zi Jones

You are correct in saying 1975 in numerical numbers is written as MCMLXXV but 20 in Romans # is XX.
What JB did here to come up with 1975 in that tattoo is separating the # like this: I IX VII V which is incorrect and a bit ridiculous. I think we all are a bit ridiculous too for focusing on this kind of things (and I mean JB and celebrities in general).

@ Zi Jones

Maybe he did a short verus of it because he didn't want to ink his body up. Or maybe it a bible verus to he has said spirtaul meaning to it.


Didn't want to "ink his body up"? If he didn't want to "ink his body up", then WHY GET A TATTOO?

@ Zi Jones

Most intelligent post I've ever read here. This low life idiot doesn't know his own butt from a hole in the ground. Idiot child is flashing a tattoo as if he doesn't know there is a camera on him and doesn't have the gray matter between his own ears to know what was just inked on his own skin. He's stoned in the corner somewhere hoping his sheep will figure out a good excuse for this permanent mess means and then he'll exclaim a winner, as if it was a contest and invite that moron to see him act a fool at one of his talentless concerts...then give the prize of one of his prized hamsters.


The symbols/ characters stand alone, they are not meant to be added up. ( I) equals I,( IX) equals 9, ( VII) equals 7, and ( V) equals 5. Therefore you end up with 1975.

@ Ellen

Since when did the Romans add a slash sign (/) to separate the numbers they depicted?

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