Tricia Macke Suspended For Homophobic Rachel Maddow Comment

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A homophobic remark about Rachel Maddow earned Fox anchor Tricia Macke a brief suspension, after which she apologized to the political commentator and the public.

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    Hey all you conservatives--keep making homophobic bigoted comments then wonder why you keep losing elections. Well done Macke and all the anti-gay posters on this site. Well done.


    The people here saying that Rachel Maddow says hateful things have never watched her show and don't know what they're talking about. If they're going to comment on these things they should watch it first so they're not depending on misinformation from Fox News.


    Rachel Maddow is gay, so what? But that does not give her the right to be so hateful. And she is indeed hateful. I do not listen to her and apparently enough stupid people do, so she stays on the airwaves. Too Bad! And Bill Maher should be hoisted on his own petard.

    @ Elaine Connelly

    What has Maddow said that is so hateful? Give a specific example or we'll know you're talking out of your rectum.


    I am a good Christian Baptist! And I believe have every right 2 CHOOSE! I BELIEVE THE SAME THINGS U ALL E


    Macke is a typicathumb her nose up ignorant REPUBLICAN who we all no so well!¡ macke believes inooutdated ideals! They(republicans) are still in the 50's!¡ Y DON'T THE REPUBLICANS EMBRACE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE?¿ IT'S NOT IN ANY WAY gonna A THREAT 2 THEM!¡


    people shouldn't worry about her being gay. That may be the only thing about her that is okay. She is an idiot liberal with a small, small brain. Just leave her personal life alone. She is unwatchable.

    @ Barbara Ball

    You've never watched her show have you? You're just following orders from your overmind at Fox News.


    "Homphobic"? Do you liberal asshats have any control over how creepy and robotic you come across in your deranged political-correctness? Maddow looks like an androgynous male -- in fact goes out of her way to.

    If I call liberals the hypocritical cretins of the age, does that make me a "liberalphobe"?

    You liberals are good for one thing: inducing vomiting. You really are sickening with your Journ-O-List buzzwords and double standards. Go sit on it and rotate.

    @ Rocco

    She called a lesbian a man. If you are too stupid to understand that you shouldn't be allowed to go around posting idiotic things like you just did.

    @ db

    What in the hell is your point, "db"? (I can guess what "db" stands for: it starts with "douche" and ends with "bag.")

    Ostensibly your point is, according to your "highbrow" liberal standards, I am "too stupid to understand" liberal derangement and BS.

    Sorry that I am not fluent enough in "batshit-crazy liberal BS."


    I wasn't aware that "man" is such a derogatory term for a homosexual woman. Knee-jerk reaction much?

    @ sigh

    Are you really this stupid or are you straining for effect. It's not the word she chose it's the meaning of the words as she strung them together. I realize you've probably been listening to the meaningless word salad of Fox News for too long but get a clue.


    I'm not sure why, but I, too, can't stand Maddow or her ugly opinions. I never watch her because she gives me this ugly feeling. There is a lot of that on tv these days.

    @ D.

    What "ugly opinions" specifically? Give details or we'll know you don't know what you're talking about. I don't think you've ever actually watched her show.

    @ D.

    Yeah, her commentator style is horrid which has nothing to do with her sexual orientation. She's confrontative and angry and she's obnoxious at times...again nothing to do with her sexual orientation.

    @ GotMyEyeOnYou

    When has she ever been "confrontative". She's actually very respectful of her guests even when she disagrees with them. I don't believe you've ever watched her show, but then maybe you're just confused from watching too much Bill O'Reilly telling his guests to "shut up."


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