Sloppy Swish Video: SNL Channels Gangnam Style

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SNL's new Digital Short, "The Legend of Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish," is a creature unto its own, but the absurd video and dancing are already inspiring parodies a la Gangnam Style.

You could say the Sloppy Swish is literally contagious.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live introduced viewers to Mokiki, a medical lab test patient turned dance machine who wanders through NYC performing his signature dance move.

It's not quite on par with Psy’s faux-horse-riding prance from “Gangnam Style,” but close.

Clearly, SNL is striving for that kind of viral fame with this enjoyably bizarre short, which bears notable similarities to Psy's record-shattering YouTube smash.

Kenan Thompson rhythmically narrates, giving us the history of Mokiki and his powers.

“It’s a really stupid dance created by a crazy person,” Thompson says to end the video.



Dude, that is MY dance! It's a joke with my family and friends we've been doing for years, but it's called the Horse Trot not the Sloppy Swish, but man oh man it's EXACTLY that dance! I'm so pissed I should've just put it up on Youtube or something, I've been robbed lol

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