Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "Want to Move Forward," Source Claims

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They are trying, folks. They really are.

While Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart walk the red carpet of various Breaking Dawn Part 2 press events this week - and every discerning eye tries to read their body languages and glances at one another - an insider tells Us Weekly the estranged couple is on the road to recovery.

It's just bumpy at times.

Robsten in Spain

"He's never going to forget what she did, but he has forgiven her," a source says of Pattinson in regard to Stewart smooching Rupert Sanders. "Almost losing him was a wake-up call for Kristen. And Rob doesn't want to be angry anymore. They want to move forward."

The insider adds that these two have "good days and bad days" and a lot of that is due to Kristen's ongoing difficulties.

Simply put: "She still feels guilty" and she worries that "the world hates her."

Still, Pattinson and Stewart are "comfortable" at these public appearances and in these media interviews, the friend concludes. The future appears bright for them.

It's "as if no scandal had occurred" at all, according to the tabloid.

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would u people please get lives? its really insane how fans of anyone uber popular and famous have literally staked claim on these celebs and act like they just KNOW whats going on all the time. People, ur not fans ur psychotic nutcases that need treatment. Anyone who tries to speak on these boards as though they have answers to whats going on is one step from being in a psych unit. People like GLORIA, saying stuff like "and i know kristen is definitely in love with Robert"....truthfully GLORIA and anyone like her... you DONT know diddly crap. You know what the tabs and celebs LET you see which is basically nothing at all. advice? U all need to get lives and get yourself some treatment....lord knows no celebrity takes people like you seriously as a fan anyway. To them, ur nothing but obsessive, mentally ill freaks. I read the books, saw the movies and im DONE. I could care less...but the chunky, ugly fans who obsess over Twilight because they basically no way too much.


I agree with you joop people do make mistakes. Robert has forgiven Kristen already he said a time ago he is still in love with Kristen. And I know Kristen is diffently in love with Robert to.
So you see they both still love each other.
They both do make a beautiful couple I wish them luck and happiness, peace be with both. love these two good luck, from your fan.


everyone makes mistake. it is left for robert to conclude on if to forgive her or not. i think they make good couple. good luck to them


Omg!!! They are totally cute together!!! Gosh I wish they could really make love in real life!!! It would be cute! My fav parts were the making out scenes!!!

Ta p
@ Anonymous

Omg!!! Ur an IDIOT!!!


Saw part 2 last night and It was Amazing. I cried when everyone looked so happy at xmas cause i thought for sure it would end bad. And I also got upset when Carlisle and Jasper died in the vision. Robs acting was great and so was Kristens. Jake and Jasper are also my fav. Good job Guys :)


thanks a flaming lot, Jenny Hreha!!!!! im seeing it this arvie and thanks to you i know th surprise ending. @ss


I agree with the one person who said they was so upset that they came close to leaving because two main characters died. That was not in book! It ruined the entire movie for me! That and the fact I thought it was on fast speed til the fight scene; the director and Summit was happy I am sure, but for me it destroyed the entire experience.


im happy for them!! seems kristen is a tad immature but once she grows up she will see that their love is for real , nothing to be toyed with for sure!


Happy for them. Don't worry about what the world thinks, just worry about what Rob thinks. The world (Rob's fans) will eventually forget and it will all be a history.

@ Nani

so true ! She just need to worry about what Rob thinks not what the world thinks.


I saw breaking dawn 2 in la at the red carpet event and I hated that scene where jasper dies and where carlisle dies..I didn't know at the time it was a relieved to see thst we almost walked out so upset

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