Mitt Romney: Pumping Gas on Reddit!

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Save for a controversial remark about President Obama giving gifts to ethnic groups in return for votes, Mitt Romney has kept a low profile since losing the 2012 election.

Monday, a photo of Romney filling up at a gas station in La Jolla, Calif., was posted on Reddit. He appears slightly frazzled ... and/or just a little annoyed:

Mitt Romney Pumping Gas

"Mitt Romney at my local gas station," Reddit user mkb95 wrote. "He looks tired and washed up."

We know what you're thinking ... Mitt Romney pumps his own gas?

Gone is his familiar, perfectly slicked-back coif from the campaign trail, but the 65-year-old apparently wasn't as disheveled or upset as the image might suggest.

"I talked to him for a good three minutes while he was filling his tank," the poster added. "I guess he's moving to one of his houses in the town I live in, La Jolla."

Hey, he doesn't have much else going on now.

Having run for president for the better part of six years, the former Massachusetts Governor and wife Ann Romney can finally look forward to some downtime.

In fact, the couple took in a showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Del Mar, Calif., one town north of La Jolla, on Saturday, then hit up a pizza place across the street.

He may not be President of the United States, but on the bright side, he can enjoy the palpable on-screen chemistry of Robsten without a Secret Service detail.


Sure you are - your on the government dime.


lol... Yeay I'm Glad Obama WON! YES !!!!!!


America had a chance at a good man. Loyal, self driven, good Buisness head and loves to make something into good. You will have to look hard after 4 years to see one damn Obama will do that you can call good. This country is more concerned about social status rather than an income. Maybe in 2 years the fog will lift and people will wise up but in the meantime it's all about putting down "THE MAN" and making beleive that the people are going to show the Republican 50% who's boss. Good Luck and let Obama keep those entitlements coming! I'm sure your right on the verge of proving your point! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


One day you're protected by the secret service, next you pump your own gas.God bless America


Sometimes the best man loses. Lady Liberty loses as well.


Leave the loser alone. Going at it for six years and losing twice, then being rejected by the party that put you up to it takes a toll. Just don't pay attention to him and he will finally go away - we hope.


Just goes to show that he is not a politician but in fact a normal man that tried to help better a situation that has not improved. He is one of the best in his profession and the best to fix the problem and he was not chosen.

@ Esco

What profession, corporate raider? What problem, Women's rights?


A man of the people. If we'd only known. He pumps his own gas and wipes his own a**.


And Ann was worried about Mitt's mental health if he became President?


LOL looks like he just came off a 3 day milk drinking binge.

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