Blanca Eggenschwiler: Dating Joe Jonas?

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Very well done, Joe Jonas!

The young singer was spotted yesterday in Los Angeles with Blanca Eggenschwiler on his arm, a brunette model who sources say is most definitely dating the Jonas Brothers member.

How can we be so certain?

Joe Jonas with Facial Hair

E! has posted a photo of Joe and Eggenschwiler walking side by side, while a friend Tweeted a photo of himself, Blanca and Kevin Jonas' wife (Danielle Deleasa) earlier this week along with the caption:

"hanging with the brothers ladies before the show."

Game. Set. Hot match!

Not much is known about Eggenschwiler, except that she was born in Sweden. And she is very easy on the eyes.

Joe, of course, famously dated Taylor Swift a couple years ago and dumped her. Via voice message.


I not you Joe Jonas my ex-boyfriend yes my ex- Fiancé yes
I not you new girlfriend


I not you are wedding is off Joe Jonas
I love you Blanca Eggenschwiler


I love you Joe Jonas is my boyfriend yes and Fiance yes are wedding on Today Tuesday December 12/25 he girlfriend Erin B.
Joe Jonas Dating he girlfriend Erin B.


Joe Jonas, please repeat after me. I, Joe Jonas, am a homosexual at heart but my parents wouldn't let go of it. They keep on pairing me with random broads whom they pay to be my beard. But all I want to do is dress like a girl, with my face made up with a nice blond wig and a pair of killer stilletos or a pair of Christian Loubotins! Oh! My! Gawd! Please, help me!

@ rabbytus

Yeah...I know you think you're hilarious. However, you're far from it. Consider help for your homophobia. Maybe it's YOU that is gay here, not Joe. By the way, not all gay men are transvestites either. In fact, hardly any are. Stereotyping..makes you look stupid dude. Joe is really a great guy. I hope he's happy with this girl. She's beautiful. But she's from Switzerland, not Sweden.


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