David Correy, X Factor Finalist, Tracks Down Birth Mother

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David Correy has been named an X Factor finalist.

But that isn't the best news the aspiring singer received this week.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Correy, a 26-year old who told viewers on his opening episode that he was given up for adoption when he was a newborn in Brazil, has tracked down his birth mother!

Her name is Luciene Lima and she recognized the baby photos shown in Correy's segment after he was introduced on The X Factor a couple weeks ago.

Lima reportedly contacted local media in Brazil, which got the ball rollong (contacting Correy, matching up birth certificates and timelines) and so far - with DNA results not yet in - all signs point to a valid connection.

"David is so happy," a friend says. "He can't wait to meet her for the first time."


what about the mother who raised him for 26 yers? I also understand his need to know where he comes from and the person who gave life to him. Hope this will be a happy ending that at the end he will have both mothers loving him.


What about the mother who raised him for 26 years? That's the part of the story that bugs me. A lot of times, they forget who has been there for them through everything. The only thing a birth mom does For an adopted child is give them away. The "real" mom is the one who raise them.