Playboy to Courtney Stodden: No Thank You!

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Courtney Stodden has no problem getting naked on camera, but the new 18-year old has made it clear: she's not interested in porn, despite the adult film offers rolling in.

But the plastic, wanna be huge celebrity Tweeted yesterday that she would say "yes to Playboy" if that magazine ever came calling.

Let's just say she needn't keep a line open.

Courtney Stodden on the Street

"[Playboy] would NEVER take her. I don’t think anybody really wants to see that," a publication source tells TMZ, adding that Stodden "doesn't meet the standards of a Playboy model" because she looks too "enhanced."


Krista Stodden, the mother/manager of Courtney, swears her daughter is all-natural. And if you can't believe the parent of a teenager who is down with her kid marrying a 52-year old and encouraging of her getting famous in any way possible... then who can you believe?

Do you think Courtney Stodden has undergone plastic surgery?


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I burst out laughing at baja's comment. I, too feel the urge to throw up now. I cannot imagine being so bored as to be willing to look atCourtney Stodden's bare, fake balloon -breasts. How are we supposed to bekieve tyhat they are real? Natural breasts do not look like spheres.


Conspiracy theory thinks that she's not really 18 , she is some trash woman in her 30s


She looks all used up and trashy. What is that thing on her arm?


If you watch the Dr Drew closely they didn't show everything and I don't believe for a second that her breast are not enhanced!!! There needs to be a law passed where parents can't even sign to let 16 year old marry excessively older men!!! He is 100% a phedophile IMO!!! I hope he never gets another job in Hollywood!


well, some people need to throw up.


Good luck in her life,she looks worn out used up and old. Good luck cookie,you'll need it!!


I can't help but to laugh when I look at that stupid thing she ALWAYS wears on her arm. It looks so goofy. She is such a trashy girl. Her mom needs smacked and that husband needs to register as a pedophile.




Oh please Playboy has paid whorebags ten times worse than this chick to drop their drawers...Morgana the kissing bandit? and just about every other loser you can imagine has received an offer by this rag to drop their panties.Playboy sucks and no one reads it anyway.ANyone who as cheated w/anyone famous has received an offer from this mag...they've had a TON of enhanced women in their pages.


So even Playboy has more standards than Courtney. Who knew? Haha!