Worst Dive Ever: Stephan Feck Flops at Olympics

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Stephan Feck of Germany turned in what was probably the worst dive of the 2012 London Olympics the other night, becoming a viral sensation in the process.

He deserves all the respect and credit in the world for training and making the Games in the first place, but even he'd tell you this was an epic fail.

Watch his effort from the 3-meter springboard diving preliminaries for yourself:

The dive seemed solid enough when Feck first catapulted off the springboard, but the athlete's hand soon slipped from his thigh and his form unraveled.

Feck, obviously, failed to qualify, finishing in last with a score of 133.80 ... and that devastating, backward belly flop probably hurt like the daylights too.

On the plus side, he probably has more YouTube views than the medalists!


"...backward belly flop probably hurt like the daylights too." wtf is a backward belly flop? sounds as dumb as a back flop. Secondly how in the "holy hell" does daylight hurt unless your a vampire? Free Britney, do us a favor, go back to English class or maybe some of your reporting classes too as this story is a non-story everyone screws up once in a while, you call yourself a reporter, you screwed up majorly with this story. See maybe we should all make fun of you like you have to this Olympian. Brat.


Oh please no one is perfect even the best can fail.