Jennifer Lopez: Irritated with Casper Smart?

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They may be a unified front when it comes to malicious claims made against Casper Smart, but a new report suggests that Jennifer Lopez is growing apart from her 25-year old boyfriend.

Or wanting to, at least.

On the heels of accusations that Smart is either gay or a big fan of exotic massage parlors, insiders tell People that the former American Idol judge thinks things have moved too quickly between the couple.

J. Lo and Casper

"She's getting frustrated with him," an insider said of J. Lo, adding that the singer is increasingly "short-tempered when she's around him."

Still, on a professional basis, Lopez and Smart may be stuck together. He is choreographing her summer tour and starring in a reality show later this year that revolves around their working relationship.

Moreover, adds the source: "Jennifer is the kind of girl who doesn't like to be alone. Until she finds a replacement, I think, he's around."

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Well J.Lo needs to get herself together and get rid of Casper, he's a snake just like joshua lee said. And if you're careful your gonna lose a few million dollars. You need to stop getting into these relationships and learn how to live on your own you can do it, you have two beautiful children that love you and the finances to do it. You don't need a man every time you break up with another one. There's not that much love in the world as you can very well see. How about a Female companion, they can provide you what you want, attention, love, support, hang out together, do everything together. Then you won't be deal the bullshit these men give you! Think about it.


Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo irritated with Casper Smart? To me, that one is ASS-BACKWARDS!!!!! Casper should be the one IRRITATED with Jennifer!!!!! It's common knowledge (especially in Hollywood) that Jennifer is nothing but a spoiled, clinging and overrated control freak. Most of all, I feel sorry for any and all younger hunks that might get involved with Jennifer. Casper needs to do himself a B-I-G favor and RUN RUN RUN for his life...FAST!!!!!

Ms billie

Jennifer is a beautiful woman I haven't figured out why she even married Marc I think he's just plain ugly. I can understand her going out with Casper she was going through a lot over her broken marriage and needing attention. She never thought things through or she would have realized what he was trying to do. As for Casper he's only dealing with her to further his own career by using her in every way possible. I won't or can't say I hate him since I don't really know him but will say I think he's a male gold digger and poor J Lo fell for his bullshit. Hang in there Jennifer you'll get through it all.


As we predicted once Jlo was fired from Idol and her career gone, she would return back to being the queen of the tabloids, history repeating itself again


She is an awful role model. She can't be a strong woman on her own? She has to run off and get married as soon as she can, or jump into these very serious relationships very quickly. Jen needs counseling for her "falling in love" addiction. She probably only stayed with Marc for as long as she did only because no body thought she would...


Whatever dat happens around her love life, she still remain my favourite. She knows waz best for her. Live ya life sweet Jlo... U rock girl.


J lo and Mark Antony's marriage could've worked. What on earth happened to their married life?????

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