Emily Maynard: Caught Cheating on Jef Holm, Sexting With Another Man?!

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Another Bachelorette romance is on thin ice after Emily Maynard was caught cheating on fiance Jef Holm ... according to an unreliable tabloid report.

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    What I think what people seem to forget is that the "Tabloids" who are putting this out there, and with an unreliable source. Come on people! No one know what really goes on in their day to day lives. If it's true she's cheating(?), then shame on her and Jef deserves better!




    Sure those tx and pics werent going to Chris the host?


    Emily, So disappointed, you acted so high and mighty on the show and made such a point of not wanting to be a bad example for your daughter. Well Emily, it doesn't get much worse than this, you should be ashamed of yourself!! Sleeping with Arie just before proposing to Jef (Arie must have been a really bad lay). Now cheating on Jef by sending sleazy pics of yourself and who knows what else !! You do not deserve him, and if you are doing this so early in your relationship I hate to see what comes later. C'mon Jef, kick this phoney to the curb. You are absolutely adorable, sweet, kind, caring and successful and women will be lining up around the world to be with you. Go away Emily, Scram !!


    Kris, you're absolutely right! I feel bad for Jef but then again he kinda had to know what he was getting into. Being from Charlotte & living in the same area as Emily we were all really pulling for her and so excited that she might get her 'happy ending' but I can tell you NO ONE is super happy about how she's put this area on the map let alone how she's used her daughter in all of this.


    How is it Jef doesn't realize it is the question? He doesn't find it strange that Emily is always fixing her hair and asking how to pose with the man she supposedly loves? Poor guy. He is no match for her.


    Yeah, I live in Charlotte & we were at the grocery store when these photos were taken. They were posing & asking the photographers how they should 'pose' and Emily kept fixing her hair & lipstick before the photos. Crazy! I can't believe that a 'mother' if you want to call her that would want to teach her daughter that this is what true love should look like. How is it no one else realizes this??


    I think Emily is too sexual for Jef Holm and that's always going to be an issue. He's just not the kind of guy who is going to take control.


    She probably started the rumor herself so that they would stay in the spotlight. I really liked her during the Bachelor but she truly turned into a spotlight loving Diva during Bachelorette. Glad she DIDN'T pick Sean after all, he's much too good for that. My opinion, of course.


    This is sickening. She was so "wholesome" and "pure" on television, meanwhile she's a lying skank. I am so done with this show...never ever again. I guess her ex was right about Emily. She's a fake.

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