Charlie Sheen Invites Miley Cyrus Over, Praises New Haircut

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Miley Cyrus has been going crazy on Twitter these days, sending out photos left and right of her new haircut.

And speaking of going crazy, the young star has a new admirer: Charlie Sheen!

Charlie Sheen in Toronto
Miley Cyrus at Home

Miley actually started the unexpected lovefest between these two last year, writing (after a 17-month absence from Twitter): "I'm not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow Charlie Sheen."

And she continued it yesterday, addressing the actor on that social network with: "@charliesheen IS THE [bomb icon]."

The Anger Management actor then replied to the props with a few of his own: "Idk, w/ that new haircut Miles...You're the [bomb icon],Come watch the show at my place! xo c."

It's nice that Cyrus has an admirer and all, especially with the criticism her fresh look has received online, but allow us to offer Miley this piece of advice: DON'T GO!


Miley, U are a beautiful young girl. I think U R just trying 2 find your way in this world and have had 2 grow up way 2 fast. Slow down and enjoy your live with your new guy. U don't have 2 prove anything 2 anyone. Just B U and keep your career on track. You are great at what U do!! Remember that and don't let anyone put U down. They R just jealous!


heyy miley rockz wif her new hairstyle totally lurve ittt!!!!


All the new-haircut pics of Miley look like a collection of Draco Malfoy mugshots. But by all means, keep trying to convince yourself that you look great, Miley! And Charlie...don't encourage the poor moron. She's confused enough. Add me to the list of people exiting on a full-scale Britney meltdown from the former Ms. Montana....


she looks like trash.. instead of taking tons of pictures she should take 5 minutes to clean up a little or pay someone else to do it...either way she looks cheap not a good look.


It seems attempting to be avant-garde has taken a turn for the worst as Miley goes all Britney Spears on us and chops off all her locks. We get it Miley, you've outgrown Disney and are now a big girl with a big girl boyfriend and a big girl career, but why are you so eager to look like Justin Beiber? Is Miley trying to tell us something ? Is she seeking more attention as her acting and singing career dwindles? Or is she just being a crazy bitxh ?


omg seriously charlie sheen is NOT da bomb...he is totally the opposite...hope she doesn't really go...


Would love to see Miley on Anger Management.


I love u miley u dirty b!tch clean your house!!! :L

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