Sofia Vergara Breast Size: Revealed!!!

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This just in: Sofia Vergara has very large breasts.

Just how large? That question has finally been answered.

Sofia Vergara Allure Cover

In the September issue of Allure, the Modern Family star - whose natural hair color is revealed in this Sofia Vergara blonde photo - talks openly about her impossible-to-miss cleavage, coming right out with her bra size (32F) and going through her history:

"When I was 13, I got these ridiculous boobs. I wanted surgery. I told my mom, 'As soon as I'm older, please take these boobs away.' She said, 'SofĂ­a, shut up. When you're 18, it will be different.' I was like, 'Why would I want these huge tits? It's hard to dress. No matter what I wear, I look like a stripper. That said, I'm grateful I have them, and honestly, they've helped me a lot in my career. And I've always felt sexy."

And now she'll always feel well taken care off: Vergara was recently named the highest paid actress on television.


Im 17 and a 34FF and skinny. I'm glad someone else has gone through this too




i'm 15 years old and i have huge boobs i wear size 36c and i'm just tired of them i'm a teen what would do with them i think about doing surgery too


I had my daughter a day bferoe my 41st b-day. I guess I would have had more energy when I was younger, but there really is nothing to compare it to. Besides, I spent a lot of my early twenties partying and having a blast, I would not have wanted to be a mommy back then!! My friends who had children when they were in their early to mid twenties always say they can't imagine having a baby at this age , yeah, because they have been raising their kids for 15+ years and they have tapped all their energy! If you've waited until you are older, you've been relaxing all these years, so it all works out!! To each their own!!


great, now I can get some sleep!