Mel Gibson Accused of Terrorizing Stepmother

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Mel Gibson's own stepmother, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, says the actor spit in her face, threatened her and sabotaged her marriage, according to reports.

Joye, who married Mel's father Hutton Gibson in 2001, has formally filed for a restraining order against Mel in court, claiming she fears for her safety.

Joye claims Mel and his sister Maura despise her because she doesn't approve of all the medical treatments they've been pressuring Hutton to undergo.

Hutton Gibson, 93, has a host of serious health problems.

Mel Gibson Smirks

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson claims that, among other things ...

  • "Mel began yelling and saying, 'f*ck this, f*ck that' while leveling other extremely offensive language at me" because she does not approve of "experimental Ozone treatments" Hutton was undergoing. (10/11)
  • Mel warned her "not to f*ck with [Hutton's] treatments in any way." (10/11)
  • Visiting Hutton in the hospital, she said something that pissed Mel off and he "began yelling at me in a very loud and terrifying voice." (1/12)
  • After she refused his cooking on a trip to seek stem cell treatment for Hutton, "Mel looked at me in disgust and said that I was insulting him by not eating. He then threatened that if I did not eat he would have me put outside." (3/12)
  • During a family meeting to discuss Hutton's health care, "Mel became incensed and began acting like a wild man ... He was so close that I could feel his spit hitting my face. [Mel's eyes] looked as if they were bulging out of his head." (5/12)
Joye says Mel must have manipulated their ailing father into filing for divorce, which he did in June, as Hutton, a devout Catholic, doesn't believe in divorce.

Joye  also claims Mel is even trying to force her out of her home - it's owned by a charity that Mel controls - and wants a judge to halt those efforts ASAP.

She also wants Mel to stay 100 yards away from her at all times. A judge decided, rather than issuing a restraining order, to set the matter for a full hearing.

That will take place next month.


Sideshow chicken feed 'DIS---tractions'. WHY isn't Gibson turning his awesome talent
on directing the definitive bio of STALIN ---or
better yet -----the epic treatment of the -----------------------KOREAN WAR-------------------------- on this, it's 'overlooked', awesomely relevant
60th Anniversary? WHERE'S MEL???


Mel is one fantastic artist and I pray he gets all this anger behind him. I miss him being on the up side of life... still buying his films. love to him and his.


Our family use to love Mel.WTF happen?Anyone yelling and cursing like that has something deep going on within them.


Not taking sides, Mel is a nut. But you cant fault him for trying to protect his father from a woman who doesnt want him getting medical treatment. Maybe shes a gold digger and is trying to get her hands on everything he has. Who knows?


She wants a restraining order issued because he yelled at her, used foul language, and because spit flies when he is on a rant?? Can you imagine the number of restaining orders the court would be issuing if that is all it took to obtain one? Joye, just carry some paper towels and a pair of goggles in your purse in case a rant starts, let Mel calm down before you try to reason with him, and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself! Unless Mel has a restaining order against you, you can go to see Hutton.

@ Ann

if she is so afraid why is she living someplace that he has control over. If she isn't a gold-digger why not allow her husband to get the treatment that can help him? If her husband wants a divorce it might be because he wants to get the treatments and is tired of her screwing w/his treatment.
But Mel has lashed out so he is crazy or something like that so she can use it and boo-hoo shes the victim. I think there is a issue but its not only on Mel she's pushing buttons and hes defending his dad just like his sister just more intensely.

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