Kate Upton: The New Jessica Simpson?

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Modeling It Girl Kate Upton is apparently reminding some sports fans of another famous blonde, Jessica Simpson. Why? Look at their impact on players!

The Sports Illustrated beauty is rumored to be dating Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, arguably the best pitcher in all of Major League Baseball ...

... who promptly got shellacked in Tuesday's All-Star Game.

Rumors immediately began flying that Upton was to blame for his effort - just as Dallas Cowboys fans once blamed another blonde for Tony Romo's woes.

Cute Kate Upton Pic
Jess Simpson

Simpson was notably on hand (in a pink Romo jersey) for some of his worst games in a Dallas uniform, leading fans to label her a curse, jinx, and worse.

"Kate Upton and Justin Verlander? Suddenly everything makes sense," read a headline in the Los Angeles Times, calling her "the only logical explanation."

An Examiner headline hilariously read after the pitcher got rocked, "Kate Upton's bikini body blamed for Justin Verlander's poor All-Star Game inning."

If he was envisioning her Cat Daddy video or even just Kate Upton bikini photos, it would be easy to see why. But it gets better than this one incident:

Before Verlander, Upton was previously linked to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, a long-touted prospect who has since become mediocre.

Think about it ... how could anyone focus. Fortunately for Jess' fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson, his career was already over when they got together.

The real question: Who'd you rather ...

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When i see that picture of jessica using that real girls eat meat t shirt i laaaaughhhh LOL FAT! Stop eating meat hahahah i have a healthy girl and she's 3 years old right now. I still thin and perfect. Go vegan! And btw i dont have nothing against meat eatters who respect us i just dont like that kind of thing like that t shirt coz we really see pain everyday and people like her bothers not for us, for the animals and people that are in pain! Some people work really hard for others! Some people eat all day, some people die because dont have food.


Jessica Simpson, You have inspired girls all around the world. I am a Danish model that live's in Denmark, and you have always been my idol. It's you I have been compared to, and I have been seriously proud of it!(remember to love yourself) you are a 100% lovely person, that I'm sure!! You seem like a really caring person :-) And if all of you other people dosen't have anything nice to say, then why hurt such a nice girl like that. She hasen't done anything to you? You don't even know her.
I know how much shit is being written and talked about, and sometimes people just forget that your just a human being. Jessica you will allways be beautiful, You are born that way.


what does being a new mom have to do with how fat jessica simpson was before getting pregnant? sure she's fatter now, but she was deep into fatty territory before getting knocked up. Shame on whoever dared comparing the young and beautiful and fit Kate with fattsicca.


I think Jessica looks beautiful. Wow I cannot believe how mean this world we live in, all you people who said rude mean things about this new mom should be ashamed of yourselves. Jessica Simpson you look awesome, keep up the good work, stay healthy and strong so you may take care of your beautiful new baby girl. Donna


Leave Jessica alone. Just because she is in the public eye 180 pounds is now a cow? WOW!! Get a life. She is beautiful.


Jessica sings and is an actress? I thought she was famous for being fat. Kate Upton is famous for being hot.


Jessica- actress, sing? WTF- has Kate done again?


Poor Kate, being compared to that old fat sow, Jessica Simpson. There is no comparison. Kate is perfect. Jessica Simpson is gross.


So WhAT wHo CaReS


The New Jessica Simpson? Is the current one broken [besides being Stoopid]?

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