Jennifer Lopez Concert Giveaway: Win Two Tickets!

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Calling all Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias fans: this is the giveaway for you!

With this pair of superstars teaming up for a summer tour, THG will be handing out TWO FREE TICKETS to various performances, starting with this Saturday night's show in Newark, Jersey.

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How can you win? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for The Hollywood Gossip or Log-In if you already have an account. (NOTE: Only registered users are eligible.)
  2. Answer this question in the Comments section below: What is your favorite Jennifer Lopez single and why?

That's it! The winner will pick up his/her tickets at Will Call and is responsible for all other expenses related to the trip. We will announce a winner tomorrow, July 19 at 10 a.m. EST.

Good luck to all!

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My favourite song from Jennifer Lopez is Dance Again as it is a very nice song that really brings out people's love and passion for dancing.I love you JLO! :)


I was thinking and thinking and I just can not decide which one is my favorit becouse there is so many songs of her that i just adore, like going in


My favouirite song is....
Dance Again!
Because it reprisents love and her pashion for dancing, but i love the
lyrics '' nobody knows what im feeling inside'' it reprisents how she can't shut uo about dancing...
It brings memoriesto me!
That song has 2 things i love, dancig and j lo!


Dance Again for sure. I vicariously live through her eyes on that one... You go girl!!!!!


My favorite Jennifer Lopez song is ALIVE. It reminds you that is this world that is ever changning that you should count your blessings.


Let's Get Loud. It's just such an up and positive sound. Makes you glad to be alive. But, I really love all her songs.. Almost impossible to pick one.


I love "On the floor".song is great and I always want to get up and dance,but i remember my little grandchildren singing "lalalalala"in the back seat of the car when it was on the was so precious and i see their faces everytime i hear the song.


My favorite Jennifer Lopez song HAS to be 'Alive' that song just touches every part of my heart and it most definitely helps me stay strong through dark times! Love Jenny from the Block!!


I'm waiting for tonight because it brings back good memories of waiting for a first love to return!


JLo was in Montreal last week. Her backup dancers went to dinner at my niece's restaurant and told them that "someone very important" was coming the next day. Jennifer Lopez shows up with Casper and a huge entourage. They ate, drank, danced the night away and when they were given their bill, they said "Oh Ms. Lopez never pays for anything". What nerve! Millions of dollars and she thinks she's god's answer to keep this restaurant afloat forever by gracing it with her presence?
I wouldn't pay a nickel for a ticket to see her.

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