Chris Christie to Jersey Shore Heckler: Keep Walkin', Big Shot!

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Outspoken N.J. Gov. Chris Christie got into a heated altercation with a heckler on a Jersey Shore boardwalk Thursday night, and it was all caught on tape.

The popular but controversial Republican was hanging with his family in Seaside Heights when some guy made snide comments about education policy.

Christie, 49, was far from pleased, walking toward the heckler and saying, "You're a real big shot ... you're a real big shot shootin' your mouth off."

If nothing else, it's worth watching Christie in a short-sleeve shirt eating ice cream on the same boardwalk the Jersey Shore gang hangs out on ...

The man shouted, "Nah, just take care of the teachers!" Now more heated, Chris Christie shouted, "Keep walkin' away ... really good ... keep walkin'!"

The heckler's comments likely stem from Christine's recent bill expanding public funding for charter schools, rather than struggling public schools.

Christie has been rumored as a possible GOP V.P. candidate, but his bluntness, temper and unpredictability could work as much against him as for him.

In recent years, he's called reporters "stupid" and "idiots" and mixed it up with citizens at town hall meetings, becoming a political YouTube star.

He also told people to "get the hell off the beach" because "I am not messing around" during Hurricane Irene last summer, which was awesome.

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This message is for Tim and his racists comments.Your obviously insecure about yourself to have to make racist comments like that to Paula and probably everyone you speak too.Learn the proper way to speak to people you idiot!!!


Whoever thinks Chris Christie is a good Governor is obviously been drunk since his election.His fat ass put so many people out of work and he dont give a shit about the average working man.Thats what happens when your born with a silver spoon in your mouth.Oh!!by the way,good job in seaside heights on the boardwalk yelling at that guy with a ice cream cone in your hand.This is your Governor of New Jersey!! FRIGGIN FAT ASS!!!


My comments to Tim were abbreviated, perhaps for space limitations, perhaps for other reasons. But what kind of website is this that allows a poster to advocate violence and use misogynistic and racial slurs without any censure? Are there no standards here at all???


WAY TO GO GOVERNOR CHRISTIE, Thanks for the work you're doing. I wish you and Govenor Walker would go to D.C. and teach the president how to govern. It would be great to have a whole house and senate who thank like you


Yeah, Gov. Christie!!! Let me guess...the low life making nasty comments is unemployed, was either a dropout from h.s. or barely graduated, is on gov't assistance...get where I am going? One should read the survey done on individuals who wear baggy pants and gang related wear...all of the above and also very, very low IQ. Like we didn't know that? Thanks, Obama, for continuing to make people lazier than they already are by giving more gov't assistance to those lazy fools. Some cultures just get worse as time goes on.


I thought our very own, Jimmy Dimara, was in the big house. And I thought Jimmy was from Cleveland and he and Frank R thought they were the political mob. Makes sense that Jimmy would move to NJ. Maybe the people will like his Al Capone impression better than we liked it in Cleveland. You guys in NJ can keep him and any other pushy republicans.


I live in NJ and Christie has really has done a 180 degree on this state. Keep up the good work Governor!


Where do your kids go to school?Eating cookies with all the other racist kids you are creating.burn white cunt


The media give Obama the diva a free pass, despite being a rude, aggressive bully, e.g.,recently dressing down a reporter, lecturing Gov. Brewer, harassing a questioning citizen (Joe the Plumber), or intimidating Congress and the Supreme Court over health care. So Christie lost his temper with a rude person who butt into a private family outing- big damn deal! And conveniently, the sleazy TMZ omitted his part of the conversation.
By the way, Jerry, giving parents school choice is not elitism, but fairness. You do know Obama, like many of his predecessors, touts public schools but uses private schools for his children so that makes him the typical politician you decry, doesn't it?


Why forget public schools?The man was saying like it was,typical politican taking care of the elite.

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