Kody Brown: Sister Wives Can't Fulfill My Needs

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives fame says that even four wives can't fulfill all his needs. Just imagine how regular people with one spouse feel, right?!??!

In the TLC family's all-new book, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody admits that neither Meri, Janelle, Robyn nor Christine totally fulfill all of his cravings.

"To be honest, I'm not sure if any one of my wives could fulfill all of my needs, nor do I believe that I fulfill all of theirs," muses the dad of 17.

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Kody then expounds on things that make each of his better halves so special:

"Janelle and I can talk business. With Christine I can enjoy the lightness of being together. With Meri the world is structured and organized, her house is peaceful and in order."

"When Robyn came into the family, she brought about an emotional honesty that required me to start dealing with things I'd avoided."

Regarding sex, Kody writes, "All I'm going to say is that I don't think my marriages are much different from anyone else's in that respect."

"The one constant is that I keep my marriages distinct and discreet," he stresses. "There is no overlap, no 'sharing,' nothing untoward or salacious."

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i have always said that when robin joined the clan she would be the one to destroy all of u i said she was the one to bring you all down and that is exactly what she is doing she does not help in anyway except stay at home


I enjoy watching this series, the kids seem well cared for. Isn't it more concerning about kids being abused or neglected in this day and age, rather than being concerned about this life style. If all wives are happy and choose to live this way, I don't see the problem.


So, he has four wives and his needs are still not being fulfilled....I thought this was a religious thing - the reason that he was the "chosen" husband, not a physical need. Why then is it that this religion that they profess to belong to, does not advocate women having multiple husbands, to fulfill all of her needs? Why is it only a man who has the blessings of the church? Anyone? This is so one sided and the fact that these women agree to share their mate just boggles my mind. Don't get married, just sleep around and you would have your needs met somehow. How can you justify your multiple wives as a blessing from God? Who chose you? How does that happen? You are just being hypocrites, sleeping with multiple partners and playing the "God card" to justify your actions so that what you are doing is not considered a sin. This just sounds like you are a "False Prophet" as God talked about in the Bible.


Y'all are very judgmental. Seems to me, these are five educated, intelligent people who've made a choice. Why not celebrate their happiness? Ok.. it's not for you. I get that. Probably neither is interracial marriage or gay marriage. The fact that it's not right for you doesn't necessarily make it not right for the next person. Did you hear those kids? First, I noticed they all agreed that they'd had wonderful childhoods. Second, I respected the fact that each is encouraged to choose a life path (whether it includes his/her parents' religion or not) without judgement. I wish the "audience" here would be equally non-judgmental and allow these folks to fulfill their own callings so long as it's making them happy and not hurting anyone else.


So before writing this I read all the other comments, which doesnt really change how I feel about the show. I like the show and each of the woman are so different, which would be great for any person who has different tastes at different times. I feel like each of these women just like all women had or have certain insecurities or issues that would allow them to always be second to another and except it.People grow and I see some of the wives realizing there is more to life than Kody...Everyone wants to be that special someone and always knowing "He will never be just mine" will get old. Only a man could think this life up and the sad part is that all his children will have the back lash of his actions. Great story...for HBO, not reality!


I watch you show a lot. I'm so mad at the way that kody talked about his wives in the last show and the interview that they did with the wives. How could he say such mean things to christina how he didn't think she was cute and he wasn't in love with her. Who in your right mind would go on national T.V. and say that to one of your wives and who would even say that to her. She is a beautiful women I think and she love's him and there children.. Also I felt bad for Meri cause some of the wives were so mean to her cause they have there children and they want a nice house but because Meri has the one daughter she doesn't need a big house.. What right do they have to judge her. All of these women need to love each other and respect each other because they are suppose to be setting examples for there children.....


What woman in her right mind willingly shares her man with another woman?!? Women are jealous creatures by nature. This lifestyle is just crazy! Never in a million years could I see this as an accepted way of life.


Can you imagine being married to the kind of guy who expected you to be "cool" with this? Sounds real fulfilling.


He sounds like Paul Anka and his Youre Having My Baby - 1974. Just as sexist in 1974 as it is today. Girls, give your bodies a break. You have to stop having babies to keep your man.


I think many of you guys are misunderstanding his statement - he is saying that he believes that nobody can fulfill anyone's needs completely, which is why people who are in poly relationships tend to accept that about themselves and their partners and don't take it personally. When you apply what he says to YOUR life, he sounds like an asshole. If you can think outside of the box you've built around yourself, it makes a lot of sense.