Kim Kardashian: The Next Sofia Vergara?!?

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This is all your fault, 30 Rock.

A few days after Kim Kardashian made a cameo on one of that show's live episodes, sources tell The New York Post that this reality star is interested in becoming a "comedy actress."

Kim Kardashian in Paris

“She really wants to be the next Sofia Vergara," the insider says.

It is true that Kim and the Modern Family star have two, large, bouncy things in common. Compare them below and then decide: Which would you prefer to rail?

And the Winner is?

Kim Kardashian or Sofia Vergara? Which large-breasted star would you rather pound in bed? View Poll »

Aside from the 30 Rock appearance, Kardashian has booked a recurring role this summer on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, and she'll also play a character in The Marriage Character, an upcoming film from Tyler Perry.

“Acting is something she wants to do just for her,” claims the Kardashian mole. “Kim wants to do something that wouldn’t involve her sisters."


Who are u? This article is crappy.


*rolls eyes* stupid articale-writing people *sighs and reads comments*


Kim is honestly the desparate one, she will do anything for attention and her parents (not so much the father because he worked his way to fame instead of manipulating) taught her how to do that. Any guy would of course be happy with her because she has the "perfect" plastic body every guy wants. She's so full of shit that its filling her brain up with it and she can't say anything intelligent. Everyones always going to think sex when they look at her because that's what she wants, if she didn't she could change it. Khloe I respect you because you are in a marriage and are actually making it work because you love your husband not because of publicity. Kim you should take some advice from khloe on life and love, and maybe cut back on the fakeness and ugly makeup.


Who would you rather pound in bed? Are you kidding??? Who writes these articles? Sounds like a hormonal 8th grade dropout. No wonder Hilton Hater doesn't use his name. That's unbelievably offensive.


this is sick she is a beautyful woman and she is smart and has alot of people fooled she's making bank on her pronlems that takes guts and smarts I really think see is looking for a good man to marry all her sisters have someone in their life and she doesnt and guys take advantage of that I think she could do anything she want and she will be good at it her asong was not that bad I heard alot worse hell they need to leave her alone for a while so she can have something good luck kim


Sofia is a legitimate actress, who is actually really funny
and great at what she does. Why are you giving her shit? The whole kardashian epidemic is discusting.
They have made their millions by manipulating the public ,and people just keep laping it up. That seems to be the norm in America..


Kim is a HO that will fuck anything to be noticed everybody get TESTED who knows what she has??


Don't tell people your journalists*


Who would you rather pound in bed? Really? I really hope you guys tell people your journalists.


I'm offended by this article. Who would you rather pound? Hilton Hater your gross.


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