Kim Kardashian Kast in Tyler Perry Movie

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Kim Kardashian just showed us.

A day after she turned 31 and we mocked this reality star for scarcely accomplishing anything in life that didn't rely on her large boobs and marketing-savvy mother, Kardashian has landed a major movie role.

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She will play one of the leads in The Marriage Counselor, Deadline reports, the next project written and directed by Tyler Perry. It is based on a play by the same name and centers around a twist on The Wedding Planner:

Jurnee Smollett will portray a marriage counselor who excels in her job, but not in her relationship. Kardashian will take on the role of this character's friend, Ava. The movie starts shooting next week in Atlanta.

Perry, of course, has grown into one of the most successful and influential men in Hollywood. His films (Why Did I Get Maried?, Madea's Family Reunion) typically cater to African-Americans, making Kim a natural fit. She knows all the ins and outs - ins and outs, ins and, oh yes yes, outs - of that community.

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i think she looks awesome no mttaer wat she does! i wish i cld be more like her but im not! just facin the facts! the girl who waz hattin on kim: wellll thts ur opinion andi respect tht but to me i think u r wrong .and thts just myy opinion LUV U KIM p.s. i watch all the episodes ur great at wat u do! LOVE RACHAEL


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So, So many good and talented real actors out there needing a paycheck and he sticks it to them by hiring Kim K, for purposes
of no other than being a media hound. It's certainly disheartening
and I will not support anything associated with the Kardashians
including Tyler's movie. This is a joke to her, while worthy actors are trying to maintain their homes and families. I find Tyler's
decision to cast her was solely based on media attention, period.
In my opinion as with many others, he's contributing to the frenzy
surrounding this dysfunctional family. Kim doesn't need the money and is taking money from a well deserved actor. Up until this point. I thought Tyler was a stand up kind of guy, but I guess he's added his name to the list of money hungry moguls in the industry.
I hope that moviegoers will boycott this film and send Mr. Tyler a
message that "the same people you meet on the way up, you'll meet
on the way down",. Shame on him and his greed!!!!!!


aloha KIMBERLY is EXTRA HOT with MANDINGO dudes. mahalo aloha hb


I'd like to compare Kim K. to the likes of Brooke Shields at the very least, because they both have fucked up mothers/managers. But, I have to give way more credence to Brooke Shields because she at least had the brains to fire her mother as manager and venture out on her own. Just like Brooke Shields, Kim K. I bet can't act either, but at least Brooke Shields has a very high I.Q. and went to Princeton University and accomplished a few things in her life. Brooke Shields is also much classier than Kim K. in how she carries herself. I am positive that Kim K. does have a talent, but probably, she should go to college and discover what it is instead of Hollywood.


Hilton Hater is right Kim has had more dark meat inside of her than a bucket of KFC lets not Kims claim to fame was having an african american man tear her a$$ to shreads on camera just google Kim Kardashian superstar and there is a lovely picture of Kim with Ray J's d!ck down her throat - classy! Hilton hater is just stating the obvious nothing racist about the post at all but then again Kims fans love to forget her sordid past and claim to fame


@Jep11: Kim Kardashian has had intercourse with many African-American men. Please tell me how that fact is racist. Wanna label the joke "inappropriate?" Go ahead. But you just sound ignorant to take a reference to her love life as racism. What part of that line was anti-African American?


Km is cute and courageous. Haters stand back!!!


Fuck that whoring slut and her fucking nasty family. Hope they rot in hell


Hilton Hater sounds like a racist to me. She knows all the ins and outs of that community? I guess it would better to him if she knew all the ins and outs of his community instead! Sad thing about it is, when racist ass holes don't even realize that they said anything racist. I don't even care for Kim but she can screw any damn body she pleases, it's not my business.

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