Ashley Judd Denies Plastic Surgery, Assails Critics For "Nasty, Misogynistic" Puffy Face Rumors

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Ashley Judd says medication caused her face to appear puffy lately, not plastic surgery as many assumed - and she's far from pleased that people assumed that.

The Missing star wrote in The Daily Beast:

"The Conversation about women's bodies exists largely outside of all of us, while it is also directed at (and marketed to) us, and used to define and control us."

Judd Face Puffy

"The Conversation about women happens everywhere. We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification."

Judd continues to explain that as a general rule, she has refused to read media articles related to herself, because, "I do not want to give my power, my self-esteem, or my autonomy, to any person, place, or thing outside myself."

"I thus abstain from all media about myself."

When it came to the controversy over her unusually puffy face while promoting her new series, however, the actress got wind of it - and felt that there were underlying issues critically important to her and impossible to overlook.

Judd lamented the "pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic" rumors that embodies what "all girls and women in our culture endure every day."

"We are unable at times to identify ourselves as our own denigrating abusers, or as abusing other girls and women. A case in point is that this conversation was initially promulgated largely by women; a sad and disturbing fact."

"If this conversation is going to be had, I will do my part to insist that it is a feminist one, because it has been misogynistic from the start. Who makes a fantastic leap from being sick, or gaining some weight over the winter, to a conclusion of plastic surgery?"

"Our entire culture, that's who. The insanity has to stop, because as focused on me as it appears to have been, it is about all girls and women."

Do you think that Ashley Judd has a point about body issues, or is she making too much out of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Dara: Ashley went to college, authored a book, and is consistently eloquent when speaking to the public and on behalf of the causes she holds dear. So, "uh" I'm pretty sure she has a capable vocabulary. The pleasure people take in assuming the negative about Ashley, or anyone else for that matter, indicates a true moral and intellectual void, not to mention mean spiritedness and jealousy. If you are missing an empathy chip, send a search team inward... Quick! You might just find something lovely in there.


Isn't it ironic that Ashley Judd could be upset about remarks in regard to her appearance, while she puts out a "video" joking about abortion. Ms. Judd. . .let's weigh the scales on the importance of your looks, compared to the life of a child and the well-being of a mother (not to mention the father and extended family). While you go on about how women are treated in the media, let's discuss what abortion does to these women. Have you ever taken the time to speak with a parent who has knowingly lost a child through abortion? Have you ever witnessed an abortion as it tears the child apart and the doctor discards it into the trash. Now that is something of great/grave importance for you to write or speak about, but it will most likely never happen. Let's get real, can we Ms. Judd?


perhaps we such pick on Kim K big butt and her choice of men!


uh. I don't think Ashley Judd wrote that rebuttal. She doesn't know that many big words! Probably her husband Franchitti wrote it. The problem is she does look different, but I think its because she has aged. She hasn't done a movie in a long time.You know when they write a book , its has been time. It would help if she took off that strand of pearls. lol. I guess she wants people to know that there was no plastic surgery, cause she doesn't want to look like her mother.


I don't understand how one woman can casually pick apart another one concerning how they look; who are we as a people to base judgments about looks rather than integrity, morality, commitment, etc. This is our sister, one of us. Is looks all you see?? I was delighted to hear Ashley Judd address this "puffy face" issue head-on with such an intelligent statement. Bravo to her and shame on you fellow women who think what you look like is who you are.


People are so ignorant, why would she have plastic surgery to make herself look heavier in the face...duh! We are so quick to condemn, she is right about it being about women. Ashley has always handled herself like a lady and an adult. Lots of medication make you retain water and appear puffy which is exactly how she looks. Grow up people!!


@edjardler. You couldn't have said it better. I think she went a bit far calling the puffy face/plastic surgery rumors misogynistic. When you go under the knife those are the risks you take & when you work in Hollyweird it's enevitable that there will be criticsm to face. Deal with it, be mature about the situation and move on. I personally don't know what procedure she had done and why she needed it. I thought she had a natural beauty & didn't need plastic surgery. Now she's messed herself up & trying to lay blame on the media for criticizing her.


Under the doubt about it.
and a sharpless one
She is making too much about it.
if you earn what you earn from Hllwd, deal with the bad things too. Be mature and accept the age. Dont go under the knife and deny it


Ashley Judd delivers consistent, high caliber performances. I applaud Ashley for having the self-confidence and determination to continue working with an apparent illness.


Ashley you chose this business. Now take the good with the bad pumpkin head.

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