Newt Gingrich on GCB: Anti-Christian Bigotry!

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Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is slamming the new ABC series GCB, arguing it is an example of “anti-Christian bigotry” in show business.

The show, which is based on the 2008 novel Good Christian Bitches, but is called simply GCB (for Good Christian Belles) on TV, has sparked debate of late.

Echoing the views of some conservatives and religious groups, Gingrich criticized the comedy revolving around wealthy women living in Dallas, Texas.

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“Look at the new show that’s on that has the word ‘Christian’ in it, and I want you to take the exact name, drop out Christian and put in ‘Muslim,'" Newt posited.

"Ask yourself is their any network that would have dared to run a show like that and you know the answer is not a one, because this anti-Christian bigotry is just fine in the entertainment industry but they have to be very protective of Islam.”

Several sponsors withdrew from GCB after its premiere this winter.

No word if Gingrich, who is looking to revive his candidacy yet again with wins in today's Alabama and Mississippi primaries, has seen Bravo's Shahs of Sunset.

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Many Jews do not want this type of thing against Christians BUT to deny Jewish run hollywood promotes anti Christian behavior is such a joke! These low lifes have been promoting it for years... Notice jews are always shown in a great light by hollywood? The nice guy, the funny guy, the do gooder or the one abused? not saying to some degree that should not be shown BUT what about the jewish business swindler, the dealer, the bigot, the russian gang leader and on and on?? It is a joke- a LIE.... I detest Hollywood...


Jesus died for sinners....any questions?


"Ask yourself is their any network that... Their?!!!! REALLY?!!! Fire the Editor and the person who cannot use proper English!


Look forward to a show called 'Good Kosher B#tches' in the future!..Ooops wait a sec,,won't happen because the SPLC would get involved.Everyone knows that Hollywood and the smut industry is predominately ran by liberal,leftist ant-christian jews.Thus nuns getting gangbanged and women masturbating with a crucifix.POS Hollywood fall into the f---king ocean already.


If it were about men and newt was involved, GCB would stand for Good Christian Buttholes.


Apparently Jews that run Hollywood can be Anti Christian but if someone says something even remotely about Jews, they get black balled and called Anti Semite's.


Go back where u came from


Love the show!! It's just the truth, and some people just "can't handle the truth"


Strange how if would NEVER happen to the Muslim faith!!!!!!!!!!! It would be bias! Let's cede!


Amazing how the quick to take offence the right is when they are portrayed as less than Christian - As someone living in the south I see the characters as a tongue in cheek portrayal of the good christian rich women of the south - Bless their Heart