American Idol Finalist Face-Off: Hollie Cavanagh vs. Jessica Sanchez

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With the final 13 on American Idol announced last night, THG will be pairing off various contestants over the next few days to determine who readers believe is the early favorite.

First up, we pitted Phillip Phillips against Colton Dixon. Both talented, both appealing to a certain female demographic. Which of these remaining men has the best chance to take home the season 11 title?

Lee DeWyze Performs

Now, it's the ladies' turn. Both Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez wowed the judges and the viewers during their semifinal performances. We'd give the early nod to Hollie, but we're just one website. What do YOU think? Which is most likely to win it all? Vote now:

And the Winner is?

Hollie Cavanagh or Jessic Sanchez? Which American Idol finalist stands the better chance of taking home the season 11 crown? View Poll »


Jessica Sanchez with NO DOUGHT!!!!! Shes one of the best singers in the UNIVERSE!!!!!! For proof, when i vote for Jessica
i end up asleep with her number dialed!!!! I LOVE JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!


Jessica Sanchez!never seen like her before for almost fifty years.. pls. vote for her..


Hollie is the best.. i love her so much...! she's so pretty and her voice is "MAGISTRAL" she is mi idol, she will win for sure. Hollie is an angel and is pure love!!!! HOLLIE LOVE U SO MUCH! TE QUIERO, ERES MI IDOLO AMERICANO! I'M A BIG FAN...! ERES LA GANADORA! You're the winner.


if simon was still in ai hollie cavanagh wouldn't be in the top 24... WTF she is always out of tone when singing... who ever says she's good must be tone-deaf...


Jessica haters only hate the fact that she's Asian Hispanic and is doing really well in the show, a bunch of insecure whities or wannabee whities - in terms of singing, Jessica is more flawless, she doesnt even need the show, who will sign her on the spot? uhmm just Jimmy, I think He's a more credible judge of talent than the insecure haters. Hollie Cavanagh is great, i started loving her since season 10 when I watched her dramatic audition, she's my little pink cupcake. Love her voice but not really good enough to beat least in the real music world not in the voting race.


It would be nice to see Hollie and Jessica,at the end both girls are awesome.lets go for talent this year not for looks,last year stunk come on .


who got standing ov's? 'nuff said. Jessica FTW!


jessica is way better. Holie who??


Hollie has it for me, and I will enjoy purchasing her album one day.


All of them are pros at this point.
Hollie is more powerful and more important original, herself.
Jessica is a perfect copier to me, not much personal style, but can listen and copy an artist.

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