Mitt Romney Takes Heat For Pink Slip Comment

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Multimillionaire Mitt Romney, a wealthy venture capitalist who has refused to release his tax returns while running for president, has a tougher time than some candidates forging a common-man connection with primary voters.

Case in point: This moment in New Hampshire yesterday.

Romney said during a rally, “I know what it’s like to worry whether you’re going to get fired. There were a couple of times I wondered if I was going to get a pink slip.”

Cute pundits and political opponents’ eyes rolling en masse:

A Romney spokeswoman  had no specific dates or jobs to support this claim, but said his “pink slip” fears occurred “while he worked his way up the career ladder.”

University of New Hampshire political science professor Andy Smith said: “He’s trying to identify with regular folks, but he’s seen as somebody who’s wealthy.”

The former Bay State governor, dubbed a “career politician” by his rivals, also sought to play down his long-held presidential ambitions at Exeter High School.

“I never imagined I’d get a chance to run for president,” said Romney.

At the same rally, Romney faced Occupy protesters chanting “Mitt kills jobs.” On the sump with him, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responded as only he can.

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Well Shit! What's next-Wearing white after Labor Day? Diane "Plastic Face" Sawyer and the Idiot sitting next to her in the Debate looked like Fools trying to ask Questions! Listen- As Fucked up as this Country is- if that's all you have on Romney then you don't have shit! You Liberals have lost all sense of Morality! All the Panel could talk about was Gays! Is taking it up the Ass so important that you must talk about it in a Debate? Gay Marriage? Get the Fuck out - Like we don't have more important Shit to Discuss! I wonder what Obama backer picked those Questions! What they should ask about is the Big Halloween Party at the White House when Johnny Depp showed up! Like the Country has Money to spend on that Shit! The Liberal Phase is coming to a Close! Why? Because you assholes are out of work and need to eat also! Romney- 2012

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