Kourtney, Khloe and Kim: Topless for Kardashian Kollection!

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Are you sure you don't want to hit this, Tim Tebow?

In a new ad for the denim jeans of their Kardashian Kollection, sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe "go natural," as the former writers on her blog, adding: "I think it's such a beautiful shot and Khloe and Kourtney both look so stunning!"

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Topless

This line of jeans - available at Sears - "will hug your curves and compliment your figure while remaining affordable and comfortable to wear," reads a press release.

No word yet on whether or not you must return the item within 72 days of purchase.

Study the topless figures above now and decide:

Which Kardashian sister would you rather Ray J?


hahaha yu kno wat they say about haters? if they hate tis because they admire u n want to be you bt they just can't be.....go gyals!


YUCK! ! ! These three monsters in the photo are REALY UGLY INSIDE


i love de kardashian sistaz ad some of the pipo ar sayin bad thins abt them when dey ar doin totaly rubsh in their lifez


U guys are terrible to leave such comments clearly u have issues with urselfs ,I think they Fab,kim doll don't let theses dush bags get to u x0x0


U guys are terrible to leave such comments clearly u have issues with urself,I think the Fab,kim doll don't let theses dush bags get to u x0x0


You guys r fuckn haters y hate.wtf I love the kardashians there growth & there business mind set.women r so jealous of superior women. & nancee really sex tape I wonder wat u doing tht your not getting paid for.& duh idiots all famous ppl photos r photo shopped stupid ppl.so wat if Sears is a family store there no showing nothing but there beauty & bodies in there amazing ass hugging jeans ...love it stop hating u damn haters.& give credit wen u see it.And Kris he was a lame tht Kim could have left in Minnesota weak tall less of a man.GO KIM KHOLE& KOURT LOOKING FAB AS ALWAYS!!!!&bimbos DONT make money Bomb bitches do...jealousy ass humans these days..;+))


Kim and Kourtney look like natives without makeup. Khloe is by far the most beautiful (along with the lil sisters). Kourtney however has a stunning body for a mummy. Kim just sux and Chris was a fool to go there. Bet he's breathing a sigh of relief now.


Please go away already. Used to be a fan but over time I have tired of your arrogance (Kim) tick toc tic toc fifteen minutes almost up. She will probably do another sex tape she is so gross.lol.


Sears is supposed to be a family store. That is gross. Did it ever occur to you that some people don't want to see that stuff?


My sissies and I look GORG, if I must say so myself! lol, we had sooooo much fun working on this photoshoot! I just LOVE the way my jeans fit!
xoxo -kim

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