Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross: It's Over!

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Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross have split up after nearly two years together.

It's unclear exactly why the ex-husband of Kate Gosselin split with his lady friend, but reports say Ellen's distaste for the media was the final straw.

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"Ellen didn't like the media attention and other things that came with the relationship," a source said. "That's one of the main reasons they broke up."

Wait ... we still pay attention to Jon Gosselin? Besides right now? Who knew!

According to an insider, the twosome broke up more than a week ago, but it wasn't until Friday that Jon Gosselin confirmed the breakup on Twitter:

"Recently, after much thought and discussion, Ellen and I have decided to end our relationship. It was a mutual decision and we are both happy."

"We will remain best friends. We both plan to move forward and focus on our separate lives. We ask that you please respect our privacy at this time."

So far, no word from Ellen Ross personally, except a denial earlier this week that was debunked when Jon spilled the beans on Twitter. Whoops.

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if jon was such a "good" dad why did he cheat on his wife and made a bad example for his kids.


Yup I totally agree with penelope you may think that Kates a bad mother but some people don't so as my mom taught me u ain't got nice things to say don't say them at all that's all I got to say.........


wateva: Is that you purse boy/kiwi/flip flop Steve?


You guys are missing the funny part here... Jon Gosselin tweets to confirm his breakup??!! WHO THE HELL CARES LOL!!!! Too much...


I believe your are one of Baby Mama's sheeples. Whomever you are, that was a really immature comment and I just consider the source.


@SuperPatty seriously if Ellen was dating Jon she can be apart of those kids lives!!! In fact she would have being a better mother than Kate would ever be. Btw if your a "Kate fanatic" wow I seriously hope your not a bad parent as she is.......we already have enough criminals in this world......we don't wanna raise up another generation of criminals!!!!!!!


@SuperPatty: LOL....Is that you again Kate??? @Alisha....... well I have no words for that ridiculous comment.


Superpatty, are you for real? What type of cold heart and messed up thinking do you have? How could any person say what you did? Wow. Any love and support those children get is very much needed. Kate doesnt do it. Its almost seems like superpatty could be Kate herself because why eles would anyone say or feel that way except for a scorned ex-wife? Im just shocked by what was wrote. Hey Kate are you superpatty?


SuperPatty, you are a fanatic...are you a child or do you just sound like one. Pathetic. Jon is a good man and a good father, and Ellen was a nice complement to Jon who appeared to actually care about and spent real time with the children. Sorry to hear they've ended their relationship.


SuperPatty. Exactly, like you said, KATE does not love them, care for them, spend money on them, feed them or anything! Kate hates Jon more than she loves her own children. Her big day is coming! aND I CAN'T WAIT!

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