Angelina Jolie's Favorite Part of the Golden Globes

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Not that many women can blame her, but Angelina Jolie raised some eyebrows with a risque remark about Brad Pitt before the Golden Globes last night.

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    SHout out to Kim... I couldnt have said it betta


    Oh My GOD, That is a SHOCKING confession! A woman that likes to go to bed with her husband!!1 My God! Angelina is a irreverent girl still! PPL, Stop being Silly. What if she wanted to have sex? What if she was exausted and wanted to cuddle with Brad? Can u blame her??? Stop being anoying with her. She is great and she was UMBELIEBABLY BEAUTIFUL in this gown


    Paige, take cold shower. Dears, what a dirty things you talk about. The page is for comments about Golden Globe evening/events, not about pregnancy.
    Sure, m-me Jolie'e behaved uncivilized.


    Those 2 look like they just walked off a Float.


    I watch these shows for the fun of it ~ to see the celebs and what they wear, who they are with, who wins, etc........taking it too seriously is dangerous and is a waste of time ~ their world and the "normal" world are......well, um.......worlds apart! Just sit back and enjoy......and say, "whatever!!"


    For all of you morons - you're wasting your time insulting celebrities, considering they have gotten way farther than you ever will, and don't even care what your measly opinion of them is since they have no clue that you as a person even exist. Quit hating so much and do something useful with your life already.


    Angie is a fug moron. She is asked about the Golden Globes evening and all she can talk about is getting in bed with Brad? Other than the kids commenting on here(who sound like they stalk celebs), no one cares about Angie. She is nasty. Her Versace dress was pretty, too bad it was wasted on someone as fug as her. George Clooney's girlfriend is 10 x's prettier than Angie and probably has more talent too!


    He without sin let him cast the first stone! Brad and Angie are not thinking about the past they have moved on to the future. Get over it people they are IN LOVE! PUT YOUR HATER METERS AWAY! WHY CANT YOU BE HAPPY FOR THEM AND THE WORK THAT THEY DO? HAVE YOU DONE ANY HUMANITARIAN WORK? HUMMM


    MJ & Shannon, you are overreacting. Unlike you, we believe that Angelina and Brad are better mate than your favorite, Jennifer and you have no right whatsoever to categorically say that they don't have talents. why, are you the award-giving committee ? It's not pathetic to admire persons like Angelina and Brad because the have been doing
    great charity works to mankind that a lot of celebrities/personalities follow suit. I say, that is something anybody would be proud to say to the world, not just here, about Angelina and Brad. So, don't call us crazies. Maybe you should look at the mirror and ask or face yourself. Besides, they don't need awards to be recognized. Besides, there is no more award to give because, the awards for best actors go to .....MJ and Shannon.
    Patty, Ethereal, Page and others who have the common sense not to lay the blame on Angelina for being the woman that she is,I admire your sense of right and brains to filter the truth from fiction/lies. Right on, guys.


    @shannon mj or whoever do any of you'll realize your hateful comments mean nothing. Brad and angelina will never read them and if they did would they give a fuck! They will still make money that you and i will never see. They're still going to live their lives while haters live in the past and throw stones. Some of u say things as if u know brad or angelina. Was it your marriage move on people its been 7 years.

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