North Korea Releases Fake "News" Footage of People Supposedly Mourning Kim Jong Il

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Kim Jong Il may have eschewed free markets, civil rights, and even FOOD for the citizens of North Korean, but the man pulled out all the stops when it came to acting classes!


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    I think it is real. The people are really genuanley sad. I don't think we can grasp how powerful mind manipulation can be. Talk to someone who survived a deadly cult. They would tell you they honestly believed in what was being taught. I think it is the same with the North Koreans.


    Quay i did my research its called human emotions and those hysterics are obviously fraudulent. if you actually look not one of them shed a single tear who are you trying to convince.


    Notice how there are thousands of people and not a single tear.




    You may be right about that but your idea is complete speculation as is mine but the way i have seen it there were probably not forced to weep for king jon but were only acted in this way so they could get more food for the week there government as i said is very cruel. They hardly have much food for people and they are starving. why do you think people want to get to the other side of Korea, well ill tell you to get more nourishment and maybe have a little more freedom and they would also get support from american troops ( most of the world thinks this was staged child) then again there is always a slight possibility that I and the rest of the world is wrong.


    Oh, and Nick: I saw the documentary about the cataract surgery. There were multiple people who had that surgery performed on them that year, and they sincerely believed that it was only because of the Dear Leader that they were able to have it and receive their sight again. I know exactly what you are referencing. It was not out of fear as you believe, if you had seen the entire documentary.


    To be honest not to anger Quay in any way but this whole spectacle I have seen makes me believe that Eric might be right if you look hard enough there emotions seem staged. I believe there government is very cruel.




    Those people obviously live in fear of the state and of saying the wrong thing. An old woman being interviewed for western cameras after a U.N. medical unit restored her eye sight after advanced cataracts said the greatest part about seeing again was that she could see the face of the great leader.


    You guys clearly have no clue about North Korea, otherwise you wouldn't have posted such a dumb article. Seriously, I knew you guys weren't journalists, but wow. They WERE actually crying over the Dear Leader, the same way they did for the Eternal Prsident, because these leaders are that revered and loved by their citizens. Blamed that on political propaganda, but do your research before you post such stupid crap.

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