Michael Jackson Deathbed Auction: Called Off

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The literal deathbed where Michael Jackson passed away is no longer for sale.

Incredibly, the bed where Jackson died actually was for sale until recently.

Julien’s Auctions has removed the queen-sized headboard from its auction of items from 100 North Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, Jackson’s last residence.

“This item is the only portion of the bed that had been listed for auction, and no part of the bed remains for sale,” company president Darren Julien said.

Michael Jackson Death Photo

The headboard seen in evidence photos during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray (NOT the Michael Jackson autopsy photo seen above) was removed upon request.

Jackson’s estate was upset about the auction and asked that the bed be removed ASAP. It was listed after Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Julien said that the mattress where MJ took his last breath “was never included in the auction and, in fact, is the property of The Estate of Michael Jackson.”

Only the headboard had been offered for sale. And it no longer is.

Awaiting sentencing Nov. 29, Murray wants to kill himself in jail.


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I totally agree with the commentor below me. That would ne soo morbid. Some sivk people out there.


This just proved this world have some money hungry sick people in it. This was going to be there collective item to resell in the future. Oh money money money. HE should be in our memory not a future price tag.


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